A Bright Idea…

So I was reading Kelly H’s blog today and she had a really neat post with an interesting idea.  I really like it.  The suggestion is as follows:

Work together with 3-5 friends (or more I suppose, if you have room), come up with a meal plan where you each cook 3 different meals.  Make two full meals of each for every person (so if you made chicken casserole, you’d make 2 casserole for each person and the same with whatever other two recipes you are making).  Each person buys the ingredients to make the meals they are contributing.  On an agreed upon day, you meet, add up receipts, exchange meals, and divide the whole cost for each meal amongst yourselves.  This would leave each person with 15 meals to freeze and have on hand for the next two weeks or so.  You would also end up saving money with the cost of groceries.  

I thought that was a really bright, money saving, yummy idea.  You can read Kelly’s post here with more information and probably said a bit better than I have put it.  She also has a link to the blog where she originally found the idea.  Sure Kelly has a family of six, but who is to say it wouldn’t work with those without families to take care of?  I’m all about trying this with a few people if they’re interested.  All you need is time, a will to cook a bit, a freezer, and a stomach to feed.  🙂


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