I’d Also Like to Add…

So I was at a foreign languge conference this weekend and it was great.  I think I could easily become addicted to conference hopping if I had an unlimited supply of money and time off from school.  haha.  Being there, I discovered several other things I’d like to add to the birthday/Christmas list…

Additions to the Birthday/Christmas List:

  • Flip Video – Incredibly useful for school and in general.  I saw this used at a session at the conference this weekend.  It’s a video camera that is insanely small, but records video and audio for up to 30-60 minutes depending on the camera you buy.  It also has a jump drive attached to it so you can immediately plug it in and share the video.  I can only imagine the things I could do with it at school…  Plus it’s really cheap.  About $140.
  • Renewed ACTFL membership – Now that I’m past my initial first two years, it’s $75 a year.  Any takers?
  • Costco membership – Mainly because I passed it today on the way home

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