A Sight to Behold

Today I’ve witnessed a couple of very interesting things from the driver’s seat in my car.  

This afternoon I had a Spanish teacher’s meeting in Monroe.  As I was waiting at a stop light, behind me in my rear view mirror I noticed an older couple in their car.  What I witnessed I haven’t ever had the pleasure of witnessing in this fashion before…  The lady was waving her hands around talking…with her teeth in her hand.  Yes, she’d taken her teeth out and was holding them.  She ate something (I think) and then promptly popped them (the teeth!) back in.  Interesting.  haha.

On my way home, I stopped (prepare yourself Mom…eat your heart out!) at Chick-fil-a and in front of me this person ordered their food and then started waving their hand out their window.  Odd.  There’s no camera, smarty.  I had no idea what they were doing.  I ordered my food.  I pull around and a head pops out of the car in front of me.  It was my friend Holly who teaches at Unionville with me!  haha.  She was on her way to her second job and was getting dinner…  I was on my way home and doing the same.  haha.  Amusing.

In other news, kids rock.  Here are two amusing moments I just remembered from last week:

  • In my FAVORITE kindergarten class last week, we were talking about family and I had the kids helping me draw a family.  They had to come up and draw a part of the person’s body and tell me what color they were using.  I can’t remember exactly what I was naming – perhaps the family members in Spanish and this one little boy pipes up and says, “Oh I’ve known that since I was born.”  The most amusing part of this is the fact that his brother who is in first grade also made a really amusing comment when he was in kindergarten.  He told his mother (who is an AIG teacher at Unionville), “Mom, I know Spanish so well I’m going to start speaking Japanese!”  I love it.
  • Over the last couple weeks we’d been working with our fifth graders on writing books about themselves in Spanish.  Simple things like where they live, when their birthday is, how old they are, their favorite color, favorite sport, etc.  Well, we set up special times for them to get together with first grade classes to share and read their books.  I brought one fifth grade class into a a first grade teacher’s room and paired the students up.  They read, shared, and rotated for a while.  Bear in mind kids catch on quickly to language at this age.  I went around listening to the fifth graders read and watching the first graders to gauge their understanding.  This one little girl in first grade listened very closely because eventually, I saw her start taking the book of the students who came to sit with her and SHE (the first grader) started reading the book to them!  Of course she heard the same sentence structures over and over as the fifth graders read with her, but the fact that she took time to start sounding things out and that the fifth graders helped her with it was phenomenal!  My favorite comment she made after I told her later on that I was impressed: “I’m so smart, I’m almost in fifth grade!”

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