Holi-Birthday Season Begins…

Yes, I’ve officially reached a quarter of a century.  No, even though my sister would be amused by it, I’m not having a quarter life crisis (haha, Katie).  Yes, I’m thankful to see where I am, where I’ve been and am hopeful for the future.  Yes, it seems things always come into further focus on a day when you realize you’re getting older and there’s so much more life and so many opportunities yet to seize.  So it’s time to seize…

And speaking of seizing, I’m seizing holi-birthday season for all it’s worth.  Starting now.  There’s a radio station here in Charlotte that instead of giving into the spooky, creepy aspects of Halloween, they started playing happy, cheery Christmas music.  That’s my kind of station (they get extra points for doing it on my birthday…they must have heard about me, hah).  As many may know, for me, the holiday season begins the day after my birthday.  The Christmas music begins, I’ve got a day planned for going to the Southern Christmas show, there is a day to be planned for decorating, and of course cookie making and movie watching with friends to be done at some point in December.  Yes…  ‘Tis the season my friends.  May your days be merry and your sorrows light.  May the ones you love be near you.  Have a holly jolly holi-birthday season. 

And be good for goodness sake.

One thought on “Holi-Birthday Season Begins…

  1. Jackie says:

    Oh, I cannot even tell you how much this entry makes me miss you! It made me think of Christmas in our dorm room, watching White Christmas and trying to make the plastic snowflakes stick to our window, lol. I want to be decorating and cookie making and movie watching with you!

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