Here we are…

And so here we are…  After an insane amount of campaign coverage, mailings, phone calls, robocalls, campaign ads, nasty words, ridiculous amounts of face time…  It’s been decided.  We have a President-Elect.

I don’t have too much to say opinion wise, but I do have a few observations.  With a democratic controlled DC in the White House, Senate, and House, it should be interesting to see how Obama will handle this.  He’s made many claims and due to what can only be called a huge fall out year for Republicans, he has a very thin line to walk to remain in the graces of certain groups of people.  I’m thinking of those who immediately swung to him upon the beginning of the economic crisis, those who are naive enough to think he’ll be paying their mortgage and for their food, and especially those normally red Republican states like Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and North Carolina that “went blue” this year for him.  He has a hard line to walk.  I really think that this first year and in particular the next two years are going to paint a real picture and if he doesn’t deliver, the Senate and House elections in 2010 could provide for some backlash.  He’s also got to be careful with who he picks for his cabinet and if he sides with the Democrats in the Senate and House on a lot of issues.  It’ll be interesting to watch all of that play out.

As for McCain, I have nothing but admiration.  in a year where he was the last person everyone thought would be the Republican nominee, he rose to the challenge eventually and got everyone excited.  However, with an unpopular Republican president in the White House and a sudden economic downturn, he had a lot stacked against him.  He did well to stick it out that long and do as well as he did considering how tight some races have proven to be.  I’m blown away by how close North Carolina has been considering it hasn’t gone blue in years.  Not even called yet.  I think this shows how the demographic in North Carolina has chaanged with so many people moving from the typically Democratic North down to NC and how polarizing this economic “crisis” has been.  Amazing.

A final observation… I am thrilled that we have come SO FAR as a nation to have elected an African-American as president.  That is huge and that I am proud of our nation for that.  I would hope that people didn’t simply vote for him on that basis alone, but regardless it is a phenomenal leap forward.  With that being said, I’m surprised I haven’t heard it discussed on any networks yet (or maybe I’ve just missed them), but having elected Obama, I believe that’s opened up a HUGE door as to the type of person that can unite a nation and be accepted as Commander in Chief.  I’m particularly thinking of when Elizabeth Dole (who on her own lost her race here in NC because of her own stupid mistake) ran for president.  We’ve gone leaps into the future now with an African-American as our President-Elect.  I think that opens a huge door for it being viably possible for a woman to run, be successful in campaigning, and henceforth be widely-accepted as a Commander in Chief. 

My how elections and campaigning have changed during this election year.

What are your thoughts?

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