Greater Things

Elevation Volunteer Worship Experience @ Matthews Campus

Tonight the volunteers of Elevation Church has the opportunity to visit, pray, and worship in what will become our first permanent facility (while still continuing our other campuses around the city-Matthews will be HQ for all during the week, though).  This is the outcome of what began last year in July. A volunteer leader meeting in which we were going to be told this place was ours. But that same day…it slipped away somehow. Somehow God still impressed upon the leadership of the church that we needed to follow the advice given to Abraham – go to the land I will show you. Go…then He will show. So began the DOMINATE campaign. Giving of ourselves to a vision, not a strategy. A strategy can change. The vision does not. Here we are a year later, a year after we began the DOMINATE campaign and we have launched an Uptown campus and standing IN the very same location where last year we were on our knees praying over the foundations of a building we now call God’s. Amazing.  We moved in groups around the room clockwise praying and when I reached the area where the kids and family ministry would be located, I got excited and at the same time felt the burden of those families we are called to reach.  I was blown away that John (ministries pastor) called all of the children’s volunteers in the group forward so that they could pray over us specifically in the same location that some of us will one day be serving.  That was an honor, it humbled me, and weighs heavily on me at the gravity of what is to come and what is at stake.  It’s exciting to be part of something like that.  An indescribable feeling.

I know this video is rather crappy, but it’s so worth it. It was on my phone and I’m glad I had it and thought to get it out. Tonight was profound as we saw projections of what would be in the building and prayed over various sections and wrote names of those we hope to see saved on the walls. The song Wade and Chris (I think) were leading is “God of This City” and it is something of a staple at Elevation… The best part is in this clip “Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city”.

And here’s a picture from the very back of the crowd. Phenomenal.

Volunteer Worship Experience at new Matthews Campus

And just a shout out to Larry Brey for the blog love, the smiles, hugs, and all the hard work he does each week at the church. You’re amazing, Larry!


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