Chandeliers Will Fall and Kids Will Say…

I am soooooo excited for June to come right now.  Not only will my third year of teaching have come to a close, there will also be the opportunity to see a show I am beyond ecstatic about getting tickets for.  I got an email last week in which I got a special offer from Blumenthal to get single tickets for $35 each (instead of crazy $200 season tickets) to see The Phantom of the Opera when it comes to Charlotte next year.


 I had been watching my calendar waiting for December 5.  I didn’t know I was going to get this special little deal though, I’d expected to pay full price for a single ticket.  At long last the wrongs I faced in trying to get a ticket to see WICKED last year for it’s two week run have been made right.  So, come June 18 at 7:30pm I will be in Belk Theatre with my lovely friend Jessica and a few of her family members enjoying the possibilities of a chandelier falling somewhere in the building.


In other news, the following was heard from the mouths of children at school today (or in the last several days):

“Hi, extra Spanish.” – this said to my partner in crime…I mean colleague who follows up my thirty minute lessons with several kindergarten and first grade classes with an extra twenty minutes of Spanish.  Hence, “extra Spanish”.  Please note we have also been called the following: sisters, Queens of Spain, each others’ assistant, and “the other one”.

My partner in crime…um, colleague was doing a lesson with a kindergarten class today and they were singing “Cascabeles” which is “Jingle Bells” in Spanish.  Apparently they informed her that they had already done the song with me by saying the following: “Oh yeah, we’ve already done that with the other one.”  Yes.  I am…”the other one”.

Also, we’ve been working with our fourth graders on a book about things they do during the day and what time they do them (get up, eat breakfast, go to school, have lunch, go outside for recess, etc.).  Well, I wanted to work with them on reading in Spanish with them and we discussed the fact that we can practice reading fluency in Spanish just like they do in English.  I started out by reading my story to them very slowly, without much expression, forgetting words, etc.  I had them tell me what I was doing wrong and then I read it again, much better this time.  I asked them what I’d done differently the second time that was better.  This was the response I got from a kid who in some ways is as country as they come:

“Well, the first time it was sort of rusty and then the second time it was kind of like you sprayed WD 40 on it and it was a lot better.”



2 thoughts on “Chandeliers Will Fall and Kids Will Say…

  1. SO glad you got your “golden” ticket and love the rust and WD40 story…once again I ask…are you writing these down somewhere other than here? Oh yeah, you can do it now that you have your new computer!

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