Friday Five: Location, Location

Friday Five: Location, Location

1. What’s your weather?  According to it is 43 degrees with a slight breeze.

2. Where are you on your way to?  One of two places.  First, possibly to relax and take a bath to rest my banged up knee.  I was on a bike at the gym and apparently I was pedaling pretty intensely and smacked it on a handle.  hahaha.  I can tell a bad bruise is coming tomorrow.  Doesn’t help that this is the knee that I fell on and managed to get a HOLE the size of a quarter in.  It was awesome…no skin to get stitches, gash in my side, scraped hands.  I had a Jesus complex according to my dad.  So with that scar tissue on the same knee, hitting it today kills.  OR I could be headed to fall asleep in the tradition of my father with a pre-bed nap.

3. Are you good with directions?  Hahaha.  If I know a place well enough, sure.  My parents always told me I’d never know where I was going when I was younger because I was always reading a book in the car.  Two funny stories:  Once during a get together with some fellow camp counselors at a fair in Maine over a weekend, I found my way to said location quite well but the journey home, I ended up on the opposite side of town where I expected to be.  But, at least I made it to the right place and knew where I was going after realizing I was definitely NOT where I’d planned to end up initially.  Second story: Check out this post about my trip to PA for Jackie’s wedding.  Who knew getting around the area I went to college in could be so difficult???  Hard enough, apparently, that they would have to hold off on starting the wedding a minute or two so I could get there.  Thank goodness for the GPS my parents got me for my birthday.  haha.

4. Do you know your neighbors?  Kind of.  We are cordial and polite when we see each other.

5. What do you smell?  The evergreen candle I have burning.


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