What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

It’s like a school essay…only bullet style…

  • Fun travels on December 21 – My flight to Portland, Maine was supposed to leave at 6pm.  The weather up in New England was sketchy.  When would the storm hit exactly?  Well, things appeared to be going well and then right before loading, they cancelled the flight.  I got in the crazy long line to find another flight.  They gave out a number to call for rescheduling.  They tell me the next flight they have to Portland is TUESDAY night.  It is Sunday night.  That’s pretty much a no go.  I get a flight into Boston.  I’ll have to take a bus that comes every hour to get to Portsmouth, NH.  I proceed to go get my luggage and re-check my things though to get them to Boston.  I managed to do that and go through security AGAIN in an hour and a half.  Once I finally got to my new gate I remained hopeful we would leave.  We ended up leaving about a half an hour later.  May I just say that flying into Boston is SCARY?  You fly in and practically land on the water!  I get my things from baggage claim and unfortunately miss the C&J bus that leaves at 11:10pm.  I end up on the 12:10am bus and we get to Portsmouth at 2am or so.  My mom picks me up there after driving from Portland, Maine to Portsmouth in almost white-out conditions.  We finally get home at 4am when my dad wakes up to head to work.  Crazy.  
  • Played a lot of Hil’s Guitar Hero.  I know…  Lindsey and Guitar Hero.  An interesting combo to witness.  I really liked it though.
  • Watched A Muppet Christmas Carol…  Gotta love it.
  • Christmas eve we made gingerbread cookies.  Among the gingerbread men and women: a sumo wrestler, Harry Potter, Snape, a treble clef, a quarter rest, a hula dancer, a pirate, etc.  Here are some of Hil’s pics.


n149000086_30454869_47331Harry Potter

n149000086_30454871_6884Treble Clef


  • That same night, Christmas eve, my parents ended up at the hospital to visit a family from the church who were in an accident.  When they came back we had our traditional pizza (homemade – bbq chicken and alfredo sauce and meat with veggies), watched White Christmas, and opened our stockings.
  • Christmas morning we all opened our gifts and ate breakfast casserole (also a yearly Christmas tradition).  I was excited to get an espresso/cappucino maker, House season 3 on dvd, a video camera, a new calendar, a cookbook, a Speck case from my laptop, 2 new books, and other fun goodies.  In the afternoon we watched Prince Caspian and played with our new toys.  We also watched the best version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol that is out there – Scrooge with Albert Finney.  It’s amazing how well he played an old guy when he was still so young.  It also has some of the best songs in it…

I Hate People Father Christmas Medley

Thank You Very Much 

  • Post Christmas we headed down to visit my dad’s family in Connecticut.  It’d been about two or three years since I’ve seen them!  I was excited to see my cousins and everyone else.  We even had Uncle Alan and Aunt Isabel there.  It was an amusing time had by all.  I found out I have a giant in my family.  I remember my cousin Tim being of average height, but in three years he’s become a GIANT.  I had picked up some food and plates at their house earlier in the day before they came over and when one of my cousins walked in, I thought it was Tim.  Nope.  A giant Tim walked in and I soon realized that Brian was the first who walked in.  He’s younger than Tim.  He’s shot up!!    Aunt Terry and Uncle Fud showed up minus a sick Ryan.  It’s always amusing being around her.  She’s got an animated personality and knows one decibel level: loud, but not obnoxious.  I had my new video camera out and got a hilarious video of her talking about liking to have my uncle play with her hair at night.  When they left, they left to go be “delicate and amazing”.  haha.  Hilary set up shop and took some nice pictures of all of us.  


  • Sunday we went to church with dad to visit a friend of his and later on after watching part of the Patriots game with my grandparents, we headed home.  
  • Monday and Tuesday I hung out at home with my family, got them hooked on LOST (much to my mother’s dismay…haha), went up to Conway for a bit, played with the Wii, ate some good maple sausage flatbread pizza, listened to my sister practice with her group Gallazelli for First Night Wolfeboro, participated in a family photo shoot thanks to Hilary, did some laundry, and enjoyed the last few days I had with my family.



  • Today I’m back in Charlotte…  I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are off to a great start in 2009!!

2 thoughts on “What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

  1. I loved your post about your Christmas holiday with your family. It read like a beautiful Christmas memory with some drama, a lot of love and the right amount of humor. Thanks for sharing. Have a great New Year!

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