Jesus is the best (oh yes!)

Today I was sent an email along with several other volunteers I serve with in Quest on Sunday mornings from our children’s director at church.  The email was a forwarded note from a parent who has a son in Quest (pre-k through kindergarten).  He just turned three not long ago and moved up to be with us in there.  This little boy’s mom had a link to her blog in the email.  Now, knowing his mother, I knew is had to be something to do with Alex.  He is a hilarious, smart, polite little MAN with some SERIOUS rhythm.  The boy can clap on beat and jump on beat better than some musicians!  He brought a little guitar with him to church this past week and showed us how he rocked out.  

Anyway, check out the link and watch the video his mom posted.  It put a smile on my face.  For being so young, having just moved into Quest not too long ago, he is catching on quick.  It’s a joy to see such a young child pick up on a song with some great words for him to come to know.  This kind of thing is what makes a long Sunday worth it.  Haha, I love how he gets a little bit gangsta at the end.

Oh, that and hearing that our new evening service at our Butler campus had 779 people in attendance it’s time meeting (I know a lot of these were volunteers who give of themselves selflessly Sunday mornings!  Go volunteers!).  Across the 3 campuses and 8 services, 974 people CAME HOME to Christ either for the first time or through re-dedication.  The theme of the series is obvious – coming home in a new year to Christ and the use of the parable of the Prodigal son couldn’t be more timely with the new year and with people giving church another shot again.  I bet our Next Level team that does follow up and Starting Point groups (for new believers) will have a packed couple of weeks! 

Those numbers still baffle me as I try to comprehend them.  Being a part of what Elevation has put me in a place I never thought I’d ever be – able to experience God doing something of this magnitude in my lifetime, in my life, where I am.  Just shows you that you can’t put God in a box or in a confined space.  He’s there and He’s on the move constantly working in our hearts and the hearts of others.  He isn’t restricted to sticking with the revivals in biblical times, He can, is and will do great things in our lifetime.

Also exciting was the teaser for the next sermon series – Purple People Leader.  haha.  It sounds like it will be a great learning opportunity looking at leaders from the Bible and how we can become leaders, not followers in our culture today.   Our producer at church says he’ll post the teaser on his blog tomorrow.  Check it out.

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