Lindsey and the (Sort of) Great Green Goo Adventure

Once upon a time there was a Spanish teacher.  This Spanish teacher had a sordid past with cars, a love-hate relationship, if you will.  To fully understand her trials, read here, here and especially here.  Recently, this Spanish teacher had been experiencing issues with her car staying on once it had started.  She soon figured out that if she let it run for five minutes or so, she’d be ok.  However, the issue did not go away.  One Saturday she called the wizards at AAA to check her battery and jump start her vehicle, if necessary.  The Wizard showed up and said her battery was in great condition.  Lo and behold, she tried starting the car again and it was ok.  The Spanish teacher decided she’d play it safe and let her car run for about ten minutes before heading anywhere for a couple of days just to be sure.

A week later, that same Spanish teacher left the land of Unionville and was on her way to a drive-in named Keffer so that Galinda (the great white car) could have a big gulp of new oil.  She was already a little late in leaving because Galinda sputtered when she started and the intelligent little children she worked with in OM (Odyssey of the Mind) were so involved in their conversation.  As she came to an intersection of two roads named Stevens Mill and Lawyers, she noticed her car was close to overheating.  She had only been driving for ten minutes.  How could this be?

Stressed out that she would miss an oil change she had already changed once, she did not want to freak out as she used to in the past.  She dialed her mother and pulled into a shopping center with a Harris Teeter, gas station, and McDonald’s.  The Spanish teacher’s IQ when it came to automotives was in the special needs area, as in “needs special help to understand what in the world she is doing and what is going on with the car”.  She needed coolant.  After waiting to get a hold of someone gifted with understanding of cars, she finally got in touch with her father.  After discussing the issue, she headed into the small Harris Teeter (in comparison to the grand HT near her apartment).  No luck.  She walked to the gas station.  She was holding out hope.  Success!  She found the magic green goo.

Once back at her car, she found the small magic box titled “engine coolant”.  She carefully twisted the cap to release pressure and filled Galinda up with the magic green goo.  Galinda was pleased with the mixed drink of 50/50 water and coolant.  Once the engine fired up, she immediately cooled her temper(ature).  The Spanish teacher thanked her father and headed home, quite proud of herself for not freaking out and figuring out her car…with a little help from her father, of course.


One thought on “Lindsey and the (Sort of) Great Green Goo Adventure

  1. Millie Griswold says:

    Loved your story…not your adventure. We have “bad luck cars” in common. But, I don’t have a dad to call when mine goes kafluey. (Kafluey – a colloquialism seldom heard today. It means that something has broken apart or become unusable.)

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