It’s a Snowy Day in the Neighborhood!

Well, I will now have a two day teaching week.  We have gotten between 3-5 inches of snow since 1am.  Things are worse on the roads and with the weather south and east of Charlotte right in Union County.  So, here I am on a snow day!  



I’ve been awake since 5am when I awoke to see if we’d be on a delay and just couldn’t go back to sleep.  Perhaps I’ll take a nap this afternoon.  I’ve been quite productive already!  Watched some news, put some dishes away and cleaned counters in the kitchen, cleaned off my desk in my room, cleaned up the closet a bit, organized some receipts to get ready for tax season, taken a shower, gone out and checked out the powdery snow…  I’m getting ready right now to make some coffee, watch the snow, and ponder the snowy aspects (snow day!)  and historical aspects of today (inauguration).

I truly hope the kids from school get to catch at least the swearing in of our new soon-to-be President.  It is historical as he will be the first African American President we’ve elected and for them it is going to be a milestone in their young lives.  I have been impressed thus far with how Obama has handled this transition and what he has done to bridge some kind of gap between parties.  My hope is that he will keep that open-mindedness as the days and months go on. It has been a good model of mutual respect seeing Bush and Obama together and cordial, watching Bush usher Ms. Obama into her new home (the White House).  Speaks volumes of them both – Bush welcoming the Obamas in kindly and Obama acknowledging all Bush and his staff have done for them.  It’s actually rather amusing that the people who are attacking him most already are those of his own party.  I hope he keeps the backbone he’s shown thus far and doesn’t give in to either party just because it sounds good.  He is very well-spoken, well-read, and quite the intellectual.  I’m impressed at how he appears to always be thinking ahead strategically.  My prayer is that he will continue to bring sides together and learn to make it a habit of leaning on God in the decision-making process, not just his cabinet and advisors.  With the current state of the economy and situations in the world as a whole, he has the ability to be one of the most inspiring, respected Presidents (regardless of whether we agree on every issue with him or not) provided he continues on the path he’s begun walking down.  He also has the ability to make a huge impact on the youth of our country, showing them that anything is possible.  He also holds the potential to be a positive role model for family as a father with younger children and a husband, something that hasn’t been seen in a while (younger children in the White House).

As a side note, I’m highly entertained that the new Presidential limo is called “The Beast”, that the Bush/Obama moving will be completely done in a matter of a couple of hours, that Obama’s suit is bullet-proof, and how much taller Michelle Obama is than Laura Bush.

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