Good to Great, Normal to Remarkable

Isn’t it amazing how many concepts, thoughts and ideas cross over to apply to different areas of your life?  

Sunday we started the Purple People Leader series that Pastor Steven has based loosely off of Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow.  The purple cow concept is this: Be remarkable in what you do based on the standards and desires of God.  Don’t be normal, another “brown cow” when you could be PURPLE, be different, stand out from the crowd because you don’t settle for mediocrity.

Regardless of whether I am thinking in terms of Quest at church on Sundays, at school on the weekdays, or in my everyday life, that principle can apply.  And in all honesty, it’s not just adults that need to hear this.  Kids can handle it, particularly if you place it in terms of school.  They can be remarkable in what they do based on the standards their teacher sets for them to meet them at their level.  Pastor Steven said something along the lines of “The thing that makes you unique is the thing that makes you useful.”  What if we all figured out that one thing that makes us so unique and different from everyone else and learned to capitalize on that?  What if kids (and families) found out where their unique ability lies and we encouraged them to pursue that interest or ability?  How would that change students’ perception of school and schoolwork?  How much farther would they reach into themselves and what potential would we see unlocked if we simply encouraged them to not just be normal, but remarkable?  What if as adults we did the same in encouraging each other?

Today at a staff meeting my principal said something about going from “good to great” which reminded me of another book that has been mentioned to me in the past or referenced somewhere.  Like the purple cow principle, if we learned to take our potential to go from good to great…where would we be?  What new things would we learn and discover?  

The chain link effect these two ideas and concepts have is incredible.  Both books were written for the business world.  These concepts apply to our spiritual lives and have impact on our day to day lives.  From the spiritual aspect and being part of the school system, these same ideas can have a great impact on students.  Amazing.

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