Friday Five: Firsts Edition

Friday 5: Firsts Edition

1. What was the first conscious thought you had this morning?  After jolting myself up…  What’s the weather going to be like today?  Just love the crosswalk duty!
2. When did you you first begin to blog?  Back in high school.  A little more seriously in college.  Here.
3. When you go online, what do you do first?  Check the email.
4. You go to your favorite bookstore. What section do you go to first?  The section that greets me first.  I walk in and look around at the glorious sight and probably peruse the first “exhibit”/shelf/table of books that is in front of me to see if there is anything of interest.  Second and third to that would probably be the children’s books/education area and bargains.  Then off to the fiction.
5. American IdolThe BachelorProject RunwayHell’s Kitchen. Which would be your first choice?   American Idol.  The Bachelor…just ridiculous.  Project Runway…just not that interested in watching fashion cat fights.  Hell’s Kitchen…don’t need to hear a man scream obscenities and intimidate others on tv.  I’ll take the music BY FAR, thank you very much.

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