Awesome Weekend

Well, it all started Friday when I got my car back after having it looked at the day before.  I picked up my car from Page’s Garage and headed home.  Enjoyed a quiet Friday night…

Saturday I woke up and went to small group and enjoyed my time with the other girls.  I came home and kept thinking about a couple of my friends who were going to see RENT that afternoon at Ovens Auditorium.  I’d been contemplating getting tickets for a while, but wasn’t sure what my weekend was going to look like or if I had the money to spare.  I started checking out the cheap seats and went back and forth trying to decide if it was going to be worth it.  Somehow in the process while on the Blumenthal website, I read that they were doing a lottery before each performance for 23 front row orchestra seats for $20 each.  That became my plan…  Try the lottery and if it got me nowhere, maybe get tickets for one of the last two performances on Sunday.

I went about my business with the plan of heading over to Ovens after tutoring.  I had some lunch and stopped by Lakeshore Learning to see if I could find something and to check something out for Quest.  I headed over to tutor Jack (the most awesome kid ever…) and we had a good time working on his Spanish by writing some crazy stories.  We’ve got some recurring characters in his stories now…  Elvis, Johnatha and Ronda Folanda.  One of them is a donkey and one is a kangaroo.  Elvis is a fish I think.  Johnatha and Ronda Folanda are best friends.  Jack has quite the imagination.  haha.

Headed over to Ovens after tutoring.  I got there and it was relatively crowded with people there for the raffle.  I filled out the raffle form and turned it in.  A half an hour later they started the drawings.  I couldn’t find anyone to go with me at the last minute, so I was out for just ONE ticket.  They were giving away mostly pairs and one single if necessary.  Names were called, people were excited…  Wouldn’t you know it…  Lindsey, who never wins anything like this, WON A FREAKIN’ FRONT ROW SEAT FOR RENT THAT NIGHT!!  That was flipping exciting.  Even more thrilling because this is the last tour of RENT for a good while probably and they have three original Broadway cast members in the show!!  I was going to get to see Anthony Rapp AND Adam Pascal in the roles they created for Mark and Roger!!  Plus the infamous “Seasons of Love” soloist, Gwen Stewart, was also in the show reprising her part.  Needless to say…I was on cloud nine!

I hung around until the show since it wasn’t too long after that they would open the lobby.  My actual seat made me laugh.  They were giving away 23 front row seats, but at least 6 of them had to be actual chairs put on the end of the row of theatre seats.  So I sat in a chair on the end of the front row.  haha.  What a phenomenal spot though!  Ovens is set up VERY well for theatre and is a great performance space.  I think I read that the farthest seat is only 135 feet from the stage.  I don’t think there would be a bad seat in the place!  I got goosebumps all throughout the show hearing the familiar songs, having the privilege of seeing Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal reprise their roles for one final run, and experiencing a show that really added something new to Broadway way back in 1996.  It was just great.  

From “Will I?”

0131092037aDuring “Seasons of Love” (video works now)


From “What You Own” – Ah yes…  Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp!!  Sort of…if you can’t tell from the grainy pic.


After the show I headed outside and there was a big crowd of people waiting for the cast to come out.  I hung back and watched for a while.  Then I thought I’d at least try to get a piece of “history” by getting an autograph from Anthony and Adam in what may very well be some of their last performances in the roles of Roger and Mark.  Bam…  Got it. 🙂

Playbill!!  Top = Adam Pascal  Bottom = Anthony Rapp

01310922573It’s Anthony Rapp!!


I love going to see shows…  Part of what I loved about doing shows in high school and college was the atmosphere, the people and the chance to see some great work and great performances several nights in a row.  If I were a rich person, I’d go see as many shows as I could.  If I’d had more $ I would have gone to another show of RENT since being on the end on the far right of the stage I saw parts of conversations, but never straight on from the center of the theatre.  Ah well.  I’m extremely excited about Phantom of the Opera in June.  I’m already having to talk myself out of getting tickets for another performance.

On to Sunday…  What a wonderful, smooth, fun day!!  I’m in the process of training a new volunteer leader and she did a phenomenal job.  The kids did a great job, small group leaders were awesome, we started a FUN new series, I made some small steps forward in dealing with several other situations, and I got a lot of great feedback from current volunteers about how we can move forward and effectively train new volunteers.  Plus the service was awesome and I’m pumped for the 3 year anniversary worship night on Saturday!!

2 thoughts on “Awesome Weekend

  1. Soooo…you didn’t call and tell me all that!!!

    FYI – I high school Aunt Melodie, Grandmother and I went to hear Andre Crouch (long before your time Christian musician) -we had seats in the balcony almost on top of the speakers…the music was SO loud Aunt Melodie’s tooth came loose!

    FYI2 – My High School Graduation took place at Ovens Auditorium

    FYI3 – Aunt Mary used to usher for plays at Ovens…

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