Another Late Edition of…the Friday Five

Can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted, but I’ve been so busy and physically exhausted.  Throughout the course of the week I went through all of the motions of getting a cold – sore throat, being physically depleted for several days, and then the actual cold itself.  I’m a bit better today, but it was rough earlier in the week.  I made it through Monday-Wednesday by the grace of God and with the help of caffeine and having advil around every six hours or so followed by sleep.  Glad I’m startng to feel better because this would be the worst time I could get sick with the other Spanish teacher out for the next two weeks, having to make sub plans for her while she’s out, having my own plans to make AND getting ready for the Odyssey of the Mind competition on March 7.

Suffice to say, this is why there has been a lack of posting.  And why we have a LATE Friday Five.  But here it is…

Friday Five – Names

1. What is your first name? How do you feel about it? Lindsey…  I’m ok with it.  I don’t think I ever disliked it as a child and it doesn’t bother me as an adult.  I remember it means “from the Linden’s Isle”.  Not quite sure what that means, but I have an island somewhere.  🙂  My middle name is Ruth and it means “friend”.  Apparently in old English the word “ruth” was a noun?  It meant “compassion” then and I can see that in myself.  Visiting two people in the hospital yesterday I knew I couldn’t do much for them physically, but to be there meant something.

2. Do you feel that a name can influence the course of a person’s life? Their personality? I think it can end up saying a lot about their potential or their name’s meaning could reveal a characteristic about them.  I wouldn’t say it directs their ultimate life path, but there may be a journey in there.  For example, in the Bible, Moses had his name way before helped part the Red Seas at God’s command and he was found by the pharaoh’s daughter in he river.   His name means “drawn up out of the water”.  I have a friend whose name is Joshua and his name means “God rescues”.  The things he has done with his life that in essence have saved lives of others…very telling that his name was no accident.  My aunt’s name is Melodie.  What does she do now?  She has several degrees in music and she teaches voice.  Grandmother, your name means “labor/strength”.  Is this why it took you so long to finally decide to retire?? 🙂

3. Can a person’s name sway your opinion of them? Why or why not? I don’t think so?  If I’ve had a bad experience with someone of a similar name, of course it might release a bad memory.  In college I remember Jackie having a phone conversation about her computer with some guy named Jim.  He was no help and useless.  So, we named our doorstop “Jim” and kicked him around and for a while if someone was of no help or rude, we’d say “You’re such Jim!” in a joking manner, of course, and their names never were Jim.  I’ve never projected those experiences or feelings toward someone, however.  If I did, I’d be in big trouble with my family. hahaha.

4. How do you feel about the current trend toward androgynous first names? No problem with it.

5. Are there any names that speak powerfully to you, whether by association or imagination? Haha.  Well, it does get interesting when you hear of names like Golden Coral or Chardonnay or Doc.  Those give some sort of association or leave much to the imagination.  Enchantmynt anyone?


One thought on “Another Late Edition of…the Friday Five

  1. Lindsey means from the Isle of the Lindenwood “whatever that means”. We chose it because we liked the sound of the name – very feminine. It also means peaceful one, joyful, smart…and those things describe you.

    Ruth came from your Dad’s Aunt Ruth and also my dear friend Ruth Lucas…you are right about friend and companion with that name…and you are a true friend to so many people.

    I don’t know that names make a child or direct a child…I do know you embody your name…

    PS – Gallagher means eager helper…seems to fit all the Gallagher girls…

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