The Middle of the Middle

One if the biggest highlights for me on a Sunday is of course worship.  We have such a phenomenal worship pastor in Wade Joye and his partners in awesomeness, Chris and Mack (aka altogether known as Elevation Worship).  Combine their great ability and giftedness in leading worship with the other singers and players as well as an enthusiastic congregation and you’ve got a recipe for a BEAUTIFUL SOUND rising up to the heavens.

Last week I was right in front of a speaker at full blast.  It had been a while since I’d been that close to a speaker at Elevation…  One note and I was quickly reminded of just how loud we like our music…and why there are no apologies, just ear plugs.  haha.  Yesterday I was in the middle of …the middle section at Providence.  I usually am about 4-5 rows from the front on an end.  I thoroughly enjoyed my spot yesterday, so thank you ushers for that lovely seat.  I noted two things…

1. Loving what you are doing reflects in your body languge. I noted this in whoever the guy was that played keyboard at Providence yesterday.   He was incredible.  You could see him oozing passion for what he was doing as he played.  He got into it so easily and his passion and enthusiasm were contagious.  Sure he wasn’t right out front, but it is so important to have people around you who love what they do and that you can see it in their actions.  That says volumes of the standards that have been set by Wade and the others when it comes to who they give opportunities to help lead worship on a Sunday morning.  If you don’t have the passion for what you are doing and are just “acting it out”, you WILL come across as a fake. Keep this in mind.  Be aware of your body language…you never know who might be watching.  If you love what you are doing, it will show.  If you don’t, it will still show whether you know it or not.

I also saw this in Pastor Steven yesterday.  He was speaking live at Providence during the 11:30 service.  Where I was sitting I saw him enter the auditorium and engage himself in worship.  During a fantastic cover of Coldplay’s song “Lost”, he was in the moment and he is certainly one of those people who have so much inside of them that it bleeds over into their body language.  His sermon yesterday was very timely and he had many great things to share.  His energy is off the charts and as we sat there listening, he couldn’t remain still.  If you have been given a burden and a calling that is from God and that you truly believe in, you aren’t stagnant…you are in motion. Pastor Steven is living out his calling from God and his belief and passion for what he is doing is admirable.  His need for movement and outward expression of what is inside of him isn’t a deterrent, it seems to amplify the authenticity of the gift and passion he has been given by God.  He believes in what he is doing and wants so much to reach and engage people in a true walk with Christ.

2. The middle of the middle is the best. Sometimes you have to be in the middle of a crowd to realize how beautiful it is. What the heck does that mean?  It means being in the middle of it all is where ministry happens. As I stood in the middle of the middle during worship, I stopped singing (likely to the joy of those around me, haha).  I stopped to just listen.  In the middle of the middle, you can hear a beautiful sound.  No, it wasn’t Chris Brown’s voice, although wonderful as it is.  It wasn’t Matt’s voice.  It was the sound of about 900+ of my closest friends singing out to God.  That’s a beautiful spot to be in, the middle of the middle.  It’s got a beautiful sound there.  I can’t remember the particular song, I believe it was one of the new songs that the guys wrote, but they stepped back from the mics at one point for a few moments and all you heard was the rest of the Elevation congregation…  It was powerful and awesome.  There’s nothing like the middle of the middle.  I highly recommend getting  spot for yourself there once in a while and taking a few seconds just to listen.


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