Friday Five: Vacation

It’s been a while.  It’s been busy.  Tomorrow is the Odyssey of the Mind state competition.  Long day, but it will be fun.  Hoping the kiddos do well.

Here it is…

Friday 5: Vacation

1. When was the last time you went on vacation (where a vacation means time away from work/school and not at home)? Christmas when I went to New Hampshire, I do believe.  It’s been a while, I’m tired and can’t wait for spring vacation.

2. When on vacation, are you more likely to do and see as many things as possible or kick back and watch the world go by? Depending on where I am it will change.  I absolutely want to sit back and relax some, but if I’m somewhere I’ve never been and may never have the freedom and opportunity to do it again (such as when I was in Spain) I will absolutely try to see the area.  I would probably scout out info on what there is to do and see first, then decide what I really want to do with my time.  The rest of the vacation…rest!

3. You’re visiting a new place. Would you rather go shopping or hit the museums? Absolutely hit the museums THEN shop.

4. Where are your favorite vacation spots? The mountains, Naples/Sebago lake in Maine, Spain, camping anywhere really…  Places I have been going to much of my life but still really enjoy.  I can relax and not worry about going places, but if I want to do things I know what’s worth the time.

5. Do you have any vacation-specific fears or worries, like a fear of flying or of forgetting your toothbrush? No real fear of flying or forgetting something because I’m a crazy person who thinks ahead, makes a list and then packs the night before.  Mostly what I fear is wondering if I turned something off, locked the door, or my favorite – leaving the car at the airport and hoping it’s still there when I return.  Is that an irrational fear?  haha.


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