Springing into Action

Hallelujah, Spring vacation is FINALLY here.  I’m so excited about having a chance to sleep in, to rest, take some time to think, do some reading and catching up with people…  Yay.

I have some grand plans for vacation too.  I’m a list person.  I thoroughly enjoy making them and crossing things off of them.  When I was little I always used to ask my mom when we were on vacation, “What are we going to do tomorrow?”  She’d always tell me, “I don’t know, I’m on vacation.”  I still do that sometimes.  I like to have a plan, know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it.

Here’s my “to do list” for Spring vacation…

Friday 4/10

Sleep in, read a bit, hit up Ikea for a bookshelf?

Saturday 4/11

Small group, Easter weekend setup at Providence, attend 6pm service

Sunday 4/12

Easter Elevation day!  Direct 11:30 service… Easter fun

Monday 4/13

Sleep in, read and take some notes, work on a document for Quest

Tuesday 4/14

Meet with my mentor at Panera, share/discuss document with Children’s Director?

Wednesday 4/15

Get Away Day – Jetton Park @ Lake Norman?  Anyone care to join?  I went up there last year to just be away for a bit and it was awesome.  Beautiful.  Much needed.  I have my time planned out too…  2 hours for reading an actual fiction book (when does that ever happen anymore?), 2 hours for a development book, 2 hours for a devotional-ish book

Thursday 4/16

Ponder Spring Celebration dance routines…  Have to plan something for the following songs based on a Movie/Hollywood theme:

  • So Long, FarewellSound of Music (for kindergarten)
  • Hot!  Hot!  Hot! – some song Sebastian from Little Mermaid sings (for first grade)
  • America! West Side Story (for second grade)
  • Good MorningSingin’ in the Rain (for one kindergarten class and one third grade class – third grade ‘leading’ kindergarteners somehow…kinda…sorta…?)
  • Ghostbusters Ghostbusters (for third grade)
  • Zorro themeThe Mask of Zorro (for fourth grade)
  • He’s a Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean (for fifth grade)

Friday 4/17

Silly make up day…back to school.

So there you have it.  And I’m excited about my books I have to read…  Me & Mr. Darcy, Creating Magic, and finishing up Eleven.  I picked up Creating Magic today.  Since I’ve gotten put in this “new” coordinator position in Quest, I’ve been thinking about my leadership skills and how to develop them and this book is so cool.  It’s by a guy who helped run the Walt Disney World Hotel and how teaches in the Disney Institute.  First of all, it’s Disney so that makes it fun to read (and look at).  Second, Disney is a place where you see they put high value on people and offering them the best and helping them find the best they have to offer.  Very valuable.  Third, it’s an easy read about leadership.  Automatic win.

Check back for more thoughts, ideas and updates on how well I do with this little list.

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