Easter Weekend

This past weekend was beyond belief.

It all started Saturday.  Elevation decided to add a Saturday night 6pm service for Easter weekend.  In the end there were 10 services at 3 campuses between Saturday night and Sunday night.  Saturday I thought I was going to go to the 6pm service because I was going to make sure I was available during the AM services Sunday morning to help if needed and then I was directing the 11:30 as well.

I am not entirely sure what I was expecting for attendance Saturday night.  For the most part I think I was planning on seeing a lot of volunteers’ kids.  I went in to help set up things and at that time aided in solving a table issue that led to great excitement (who knew hiding tables could be so exciting?).  Well, along came 5:30pm and kids were trickling in.  At about 5:45pm…crowds.  5:50pm…gigantic lines at check in.  People running about making sure chairs were available for overflow, checking projectors and screens, helping with check in…  Mad house but in the best way.  They started letting people into the auditorium and suddenly from where I was standing near the Quest check in door I saw a sea of people moving toward overflow.  There were so many people there!  They ended up having some people leave because they didn’t want to sit in overflow.  There were about 400 that did stay in overflow though.  There were 1500 people at the Saturday 6pm service!  CRAZY.  57 Quest kids.  That’s like a normal 10am Sunday morning service!

Sunday morning came and I was pumped after Saturday night.  Things went very well in the 8:30 service and in the 10:00 I cried because things were so great.  We had two phenomenal actors, Hans and Kelly.  It was Kelly’s first Sunday acting in Quest (what a Sunday to start out!) and she was absolutely incredible.  The kids were learning about how some bad men didn’t like Jesus so they hurt him and he died.  Then three days later he walked out of a tomb and the angel told Mary to tell all her friends that “Jesus is alive”.  That was the key concept for the day and wow did those kids get it.  They did a game to practice the key concept and each time it was time to say it, Kelly got them really excited and the kids all said with such enthusiasm “Jesus is alive!”  I started tearing up because the game was finding pictures of people they could tell “Jesus is alive!”  This was parents, grandparents, friends, etc.  I thought I was the only teary eyed person in the room and then I saw the 10am VL and she turned to someone and she said something about it making her cry.  There is no way those kids were going to leave and NOT tell someone they knew that “Jesus is alive!”  It was awesome.

THEN I got to direct the 11:30 service and that was great too getting to see other areas, check out what they were doing.  I also got to write some thank you notes during that time which was nice.

THEN I got to go to the 1:00pm service.  I don’t know how Pastor Steven managed to preach 6 LIVE sermons within a 25-26 hour time frame.  Sure that’s 4 that were streamed by video, but wow the energy it takes to do that.  I can’t imagine.  Worship was just incredible.  The band was just awesome.  They showed a video at the very beginning of the service to open things.  It was really powerful.  They also had someone come and do a painting illustration during the song “Healer” that was incredible.  I hope a video of that gets posted.  Pastor Steven preached a good sermon.  Not a warm fuzzy though.  It was more of a “get your act together” sermon.  It focused on how so often we claim to believe in Him, profess our belief yet we do not esteem Him with out actions and our words.  His sermon came from Isaiah 53:1-6 and spoke of how Jesus was beaten and hurt for our sake and surely if He, the perfect Lamb of God would do this for us, surely we can esteem Him in how we live our lives.

I think there were about 740 people who gave their lives to Christ!  Wow.  And huge attendance – 7899.  CRAZY.  So yeah, it was a great weekend…

Here is the video they were showing before Easter Sunday came to get anticipation up.

Elevation Church – Healer Series Teaser

And here is the incredible video they opened with on Easter.


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