Reasons Today is Awesome

It’s amazing what one day, one night can do to help turn your attitude and mindset around.  After having to go back to school early from Spring break (make up snow day on Friday) and several unexpected situations occurring the same day which in the end added more work to my schedule, I was feeling really lousy about the coming week.  Enter Saturday afternoon…  Got really excited suddenly about the prospect of going on the cruise this summer (a “bachelorette party” of sorts for a friend), went to the park with friends, did a bit of work, went to friend’s house to grill and play games (who knew Yahtzee has a counterpart called Kismet?), and have a great time.

Now we’re at Sunday…

  • It’s a new day, another day God’s given us.
  • It’s an “ewibayshin” (Elevation) day! (more on this pronunciation below)
  • Great weather to walk out to this morning.
  • Got to Providence and started setting up.
  • Some cute kids belonging to a staff member hung out with myself and the 8:30 VL before the service.  They ate breakfast and Austin even shared his cheerios with me.  I couldn’t have the Lightning McQueen car though.  Austin was excited to be at Ewibashin though, he told me. 🙂
  • Took a moment to thank and be grateful for VHQ (volunteer headquarters) volunteers.  They hook us up with coffee and many other great things, including bananas.  (I know dad, gross, right?  Bananas?  I’m going through one of my phases where I like them.  Don’t worry – this too shall pass!)
  • Set up went great and I had time to enjoy Ella and Austin and not feel rushed.
  • 8:30 service was AWESOME.  Great volunteers, a great, engaging activity for small group, awesome large group participation, saw a kid’s attitude do a complete 360, it was phenomenal.
  • 10:00 service – equally incredible.  There is a little girl named Sydney in the 10 and she is absolutely adorable.  She is so sweet and in large group she is always singing and dancing.  Today while we were doing some songs I could hear her singing above everyone.  It was so cute.  I think our large group coordinator took a video of her.  I told her afterward I had heard her singing and that she’d done a great job.  Immediately after that I heard her turn tell her small group leader (as if she were both shocked and proud at the same time) what I’d said to her.  Too cute.
  • I had time to intentionally, personally talk to and thank more volunteers than I feel like I get to on a Sunday.
  • Wrote 2 thank you notes to volunteers (to be mailed this week).
  • Awesome service!
  • Productive shopping excursion
  • Took an walk down memory lane in my mind because I actually found an ice cream place that sells Hershey’s Ice Cream and they had Cappucino Crunch!!  (Side note for those who are curious: I used to be the supervisor in a restaurant in NH and I was over the “to go” side of the establishment.  We served a variety of specialty coffees and teas – can still whip up a nice cappucino or latte – took care of “to go” items from the full upstairs menu, and we served ice cream.  One of my favorite flavors we had was cappucino crunch and I haven’t had it since the last day I worked there.  Looked in many places, never found it…until today. Talk about awesome.)
  • Something inside me just feels like this is going to be a great, phenomenal week.  Something awesome is going to happen, or lots of awesome things will happen and it’s just put a positive spin on things for me.