Friday 5: The 5 Greatest Things I Heard This Week

School this week was busy, fast, amusing, and rather hilarious at times.  So here they are…

Friday 5: The 5 Greatest Things I Heard This Week (in no particular order)

  • “Ahhh!  I’m drowning in Spanish.” – said by a 3rd grade girl who I love.  She’s hilarious.  I think we were playing a game and she started singing several different songs I’d taught them for some reason.  She kept going and when she stopped that’s how she responded.
  • “Senorita Gallagher, me gusta la escuela?” – I was asking a class of first graders if they liked school.  Now, this class is just awesome and they are fairly well-behaved, so I wasn’t surprised that they all said “si”.  One little girl who tends to “experiment” with the language (an awesome thing for her to do at such a young age since it shows she’s processing what she’s learning) decided I needed to answer too so she asked me if I liked school.  Again, awesome.
  • “Senorita Gallagher LOCA!” – I have this one class…they’re a bunch of smart little comedians, all of them.  They crack me up.  They’re the most random kids and I love them.  I have nicknames for some of them due to things that have happened in class in the past.  One little boy just cracks up when I stop him and say “Buffalo”.  I like to call him Jose Buffalo.  He’s not the one who called me “loca” though.  No, that was a little girl who has come out of her shell a lot this year.  She’s relatively quiet, but when she speaks up it’s either side-splitting humor and/or great intelligence.  I was reading a book to this class and she was sitting on the carpet with the rest of the kids and she was looking at me making all of these wild faces (and I guarantee it was just to see what my reaction would be…we just have that kind of rapport, haha).  I finished reading and responded with, “Ok, Senorita Loca Boca, que pasa?”  Translation: “Ok crazy mouth, what are you doing?”  Laughter ensued.
  • “Senorita Gallagher, they need to make an Operation Senorita Gallagher so we can operate on you and when your nose is near metal you beep.” – Yup, same class, within the same time span I was reading a book to those kids.  This child…so very random.  He started singing some Green Day song one day and then was starting off a rap song another day (that he probably shouldn’t know).  Ah, kids are great.
  • “Senorita Gallagher, Senorita Gallagher!  Guess what?! *insert first grade boy’s name* is my boyfriend.  Hehehe.” – said to me Thursday night before PTO by a little first grade girl with whom I have a good little connection.  We’re tight.  haha.  The drama of first grade, ladies and gentlemen.

Honorable Mention:

  • I was teaching one of my third grade classes about some of the countries in Central America.  One of those is obviously Panama.  I was teling them in Spanish, “Mi hermana visito a Panama en un avion.”  I used gestures and acted some of it out to help them understand I was saying my sister had visited Panama and had taken a plane to get there.  They knew “hermana” and “avion”, but whatever you can do visually to help is always good.  So I buzzed around the room with my arms out like a plane (oddly enough I’ll be doing that more often next week as I am doing transportation with kindergarten).  This is also a funny bunch of kids and one girl looks at me with mischievous expression says to me, “Your sister has wings?”  Another fed off of that and said, “Your sister is an angel?” Behold our future, folks.

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