Short Rant

This super sarcastic rant will be over as soon as it starts.  Just have to let out the irritation and I’m already basically over it.  Initially I was ticked, I know I can’t do anything about it, and I know it’s going to happen no matter what.  Just have to deal.

I just got my next two paychecks cut down by a fair amount because the super intelligent governor decided that to balance the budget before the fiscal year is over, state employees get to take a .5% decrease in their annual salary. AWESOME. I get 10 hours of flex time in return and as we all know, teachers ALWAYS have time to just “take off” from school. THANKS. (please note – lots of sarcasm, LOTS)  All of the planning for a sub, especially when you have to make lesson plans for those who don’t speak the language/subject…not worth it.  Unless I’m able to go up to the mountains…  Still all the work for a sub, crazy.


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