The Unseen

At school I sponsor a book club for 3rd through 5th graders.  You could call it my way of vicariously living out my OTHER dream of being an English/Reading teacher (I’m addicted to books, in case you weren’t aware).

Anyway, I just finished up reading A Wrinkle in Time with them and since the year is coming to a close, I was looking for a fun way for us to end the year.  I found out that there was a Disney film version of the book available.  I bought it and we watched part of it last week and the rest today.

One of the lines that Mrs. Whatsit (yeah, awesome book when you have characters with names like Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which) said near the end of the movie really stuck out to me.  Meg, a girl in the book (and movie) is struggling to see herself and others as they really are due to “the dark thing” that tries to control them.  Mrs. Whatsit reminds her to “Take time to see the unseen.”

How busy do we get in our daily life that we don’t really “see” people or things anymore?  I’ve noticed in recent days now that the chaos of the first months of the year are over how “fast” I was living my life and how much I was not “seeing”.  Even harder to realize is how much I probably haven’t “seen” in the last few years not because I don’t care, but because it’s the pace of life our culture has built itself on and we get caught up in it.  It’s a cycle that really does no good and a habit that needs to change.

Seeing the unseen is a skill one has to develop, it seems.  I have to be willing to slow my pace, plan ahead on purpose, use my time wisely, take time to look at those around me, and even if it takes a few seconds, find something positive or appreciative to say to them.

We’re fast paced in our travel as well.  We hate traffic, despise traffic lights, don’t like to stop then go, we want to get from A to B in a matter of seconds not minutes.  But oh…wait…  This isn’t Star Trek.  Scotty can’t beam you up and over from A to B.  Seeing the unseen applies to noticing the beauty in the world around us.  Lately I’ve had this fascination with trees and their branches.  It’s one of the greatest symbols of life in nature that I can think of.  When I’m driving home from school I love to look at the trees and notice how different they appear, but how beautiful they all are.  Driving to the mountains I love all of the hills, fields, and old houses I see along the road.  I take my time.  I would like to think I do well seeing the unseen in nature and the world around us thanks to my family, our camping trips and summers in the mountains.  Time has to be taken to see the unseen in the physical world around you.

Take TIME to SEE the UNSEEN. How many people in your daily life could that apply to?  A gas station worker?  A child at school?  A co-worker?  Someone in the line in front of you or behind you at the grocery store?  How many more people could you make feel appreciated and important just by taking a second and smiling at them?  What are you missing out on seeing in the majesty of God’s creation as you travel from place to place?


One thought on “The Unseen

  1. hey lindsey! thanks so much for stopping by my blog a few weeks ago and leaving your words of encouragement!! i appreciate it and sorry it took me so long to say so!!! have a super week!!

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