The previews for this show had me intrigued and when it finally premiered last night I was not let down.  Glee is flipping amazing!  I love the concept.  It’s very different from anything else on tv.  The storyline is great.  I mean, how could I not love this?  Aspects of musical theatre, breaking out into song, a Spanish teacher sponsoring the club, phenomenal background music…  I’m very impressed with that last aspect of the show.  Instead of just playing the songs in the background, they used vocal talent in place of instruments for a lot of the show.  Great stuff.  The fact that it is so different is what makes it great.  Quite frankly, with the world could use a weekly, hour long dose of fun and happiness.  Sure it is a bit cheesy and cliche at times, but there’s something in the whole plot of the show that makes it work.  The only thing I’m not a fan of…the fact that there’s no new episodes until the fall!!

How could you not love this?

Watch it. Now.

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