A Nation of Excess and Laziness

Somehow today during lunch, a few other teachers and I got into a conversation about how we wished schools systems as well as county, state and federal governments would run themselves more like a business.  They ARE businesses and yet they don’t seem to grasp that when it comes to their plans, ideas, spending and budgeting sometimes (not all the time).  There is a lot of excess there.  There is also the excess in the spending of individuals and in our material possessions, that “gotta have it” mentality.

Someone made the statement that our country’s forefathers would be rolling over in their graves if they saw where we were right now as a country and how our government is being run (suddenly so big, vast and controlling, particularly since the beginning of this year…czars for this and for that).

There were also comments about how lazy we have become with information at our fingertips with the internet, learning being possible through television (you know, those educational networks like TLC, Discovery Channel, History channel, etc. – ha!), computers and phones doing so much for us, etc.  And it isn’t that these things are inherently bad, but it gives us instant gratification.  There is a world of knowledge out there that wasn’t available before.  With what the next generation has available to them and what they are able to do is both amazing and alarming.  They’ll research things on the internet but when it comes to actually getting up and doing something, they do it half heartedly sometimes.  In the future when they are caring for us and making the decisions, it would seem there will be the one part of that generation that will wait for the world to come to them and the rare few who will be doing something about it.  What can be done about this?  Creating a service learning aspect is something that comes to my mind.

What are your thoughts? Are we a nation of excess and laziness?  I know we all fall into either catergory at one point or another.  Do you think our forefathers who founded this country would be appalled by how we are living and how our government is being run?  Government in the private sector??  What about the laziness?  How can we overcome that and how can we teach the next generation to be active and engaging with the world instead of waiting for it to come to them?


One thought on “A Nation of Excess and Laziness

  1. Grand Mother says:

    Good observations and questions. Morals and ethics for many have gone out the window. But I do believe that a goodly part of our population are honest, hard working people who are disappointed in their governmental leaders, but feel helpless to change the situation.
    I don’t know that it helps but I’ve written my legislators more in the last two years than I did in the previous two decades. Some of their replies sound concerned. Others replies are just empty words.

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