Friday 5: The Five Hardest and Five Easiest Things About Today

Wow.  What a long, tough day at school today.  Reassignments were named, people who were leaving and retiring, grade level moves.  Very emotional.  I had more than my share of tears with some still to come probably.  There were lots of flip sides to the hard parts of the day that were exciting though, so I now give you…

Friday 5: The Five Hardest Things About Today

1. Losing Rachele, my partner in crime for the last two years. My first year I was the only person at the school most of the time.  Last year and this year have been amazing having her around.  I’ve learned a lot from her about teaching and a lot about life after what we’ve both been through this year.  She’s headed off to Porter Ridge High to take the place of Jessica Garner, the NC Teacher of the Year.  What a leap in ages, but what an honor to be chosen to take her place for a year while Jessica is traveling, giving workshops, and working with the State Board of Education!  I know we’ll keep in touch and still email and see each other.  Since the position is only a year, she could be back next year!

2. Losing Blackmon! Ashley has been the K-2 counselor at Unionville for 2 years and is leaving to find work closer to where she lives (about an hour away).  She’s just awesome, won’t take crap for kids or parents and has their best interests at heart.  She’s great.  She’s also hilarious and our banter…well, it’s just great.  Who is going to yell “Gallagher!” down the hallway at me now?  Who am I going to yell “Blackmon!” at now?  How are we going to be able to save seats for each other at staff meetings now?  I told her she’d better start training Ms. Hill (our 3-5 counselor who will be K-5 next year, I think we’re only having a full time and part time counselor…not two full time like this year).  Ms. Hill is learning… 🙂  I’m going to miss that girl.  She never cries and between Rachele leaving and a card I gave her, she teared up.  I feel honored.  🙂

3. Losing Ms. Weaver, our assistant principal. This was just devastating to me finding out she’d be somewhere else next year.  She has been so supportive, encouraging, understanding, and fun to be around.  I’ve had the honor and privilege of having some great conversations with her and she is a wonderful person.  I can’t imagine what I would have done the last couple of years without her.  I can’t imagine Unionville without her.  She’s like Ashley – won’t take crap from anyone, but cares about you more than you’ll ever know.  And her humor, I just love it.

4. Losing Char…Ms. Heasty. Ms. Heasty teaches first grade and will be moving this summer to Florida where her husband has gotten a job.  Again…don’t know what I’m going to do without her.  The last two years we have coached Odyssey of the Mind teams together and it has been a truly great experience and an honor to do that with her.  I’ve learned so much from her and we have had some great times chatting, working with the kids, and I’m going to miss having her around.

5. Realizing how truly different things will be next year. I’ve known for a while now that things will look very different, I guess I just wasn’t prepared to lose so many great people I’ve grown very attached to and the impact that as well as reassignments and grade level changes would have on me knowing that I’ll be the only Spanish teacher at the school.  Humbling and a bit scary.

Friday 5: The Five Easiest Things About Today

1. Excitement for those mentioned above! Ashley’s getting married!  Rachele and Ms. Weaver have jobs!  Char will be close to her son again!

2. Knowing Rachele has a great opportunity in front of her and that the fact she was chosen is an honor. Plus, it’s only a year position…  We could have her back next year!

3. Knowing I have a job next year. Hallelujah, praise God!!

4. Knowing I will be challenged, stretched and learn a lot next year. I will really have to learn to truly let Him lead as things will be changing and I will be learning how to adapt to those changes.

5. Being thankful – thankful to have gotten to know some wonderful people and call them friends, thankful to have a job, thankful that everyone in our school has a job for next year even if it isn’t at Unionville, thankful for a community like no other at school, thankful that I work in a school where you will hear teaches quoting comforting and inspiring scripture to each other, thankful summer is arriving, thankful…


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