A few weeks back I discovered something amazing.

I was looking at a new master’s degree program at Eastern University (my amazing alma mater) and I found that they’d put some courses online via video.  One such course was a theology course called “Foundations of Christian Spirituality”.  I was FLOORED to see this.  This was one of my favorite classes in my four years at Eastern.  Dr. Hall was a great professor and is a great man of God.  He’s hilarious and has so much wisdom that he’s gained throughout his life.  He’s done many things and been in many places around the world from living in France as a pastor to working in state psychiatric hospital as the chaplain.  It was an honor to have him as a professor and teacher investing in my life and in the lives of so many others.  He had great, great stories, a wonderful sense of humor, and his lectures were just amazing.  If I could have, I would have taken the class again even if it was just auditing.  It was THAT good.  As a part of the core curriculum at Eastern, everyone was required to take both an Old Testament and New Testament class as well as a theology class.  This class was THEO210 – Foundations of Christian Spirituality and like I’ve said…it was very good.  Lots of notes and lots of great books we read – The Celebration of Discipline, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, plus another book of devotionals written by some of the theologians of the past (St. Francis of Assisi, Henri Nouwen, etc.).

Anyway, now that I’ve found it, I checked out the first lecture and was amused right from the start.  When I was at Eastern this class was taught in the basement of the library and it was a PACKED CLASS.  It was a very popular class.  I was lucky to get in there the semester that I took it.  Well, on the video…it appears the class has become even more popular and it’s being done in the auditorium now.  That is awesome.  Even better than that is the fact that Dr. Hall has gone from an esteemed faculty member to chancellor of the school and still wants to keep in touch with the students and the formation of their spiritual lives.  I love that!!

I won’t go on about it anymore, I’ll just say this…check out the video and/or podcast at this link here.  You won’t regret it.

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