Take a Look

Well.  I have no great insights at this very moment.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I do have a list of some things I will blog on eventually, but I have company this week so it will have to wait.  As for the great insights at this very moment…here they are (and they aren’t rocket science or any great new discoveries):

  • My cousin is awesome (but that was pre-determined long ago…like before she was even born)
  • The mountains are my favorite place in the entire world (and that’s nothing new…probably came about oh…say…when my grandparents got the land up here years ago before my mom was even born)

Anyway, I was just reading a blog post on the Elevation Worship site.  They have a guest blogger, Hunter Wright, who wrote something that just wrecked me and made me take minute and look at myself.  I’m not a musician he may have been writing toward, but I think can speak to any one of us.  Check it out.


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