A Simple, Humbling Reminder

Just read this on Mark Batterson’s blog.  The man makes a huge point we all need to remember.  In a world focused on me, I and you it’s so easy to lose sight of this simple concept.  It’s hard to keep ourselves in check sometimes, but it is very important to do so.

Check out his post…

In I Samuel 14:35 it says: “Saul built an altar to the Lord, the first one he had ever built.” But just one chapter later, I Samuel 15:12, says: “Saul went to Carmel to set up a monument to himself.”Are you building altars to God or monuments to yourself?

That is THE QUESTION when it comes to motivation for ministry. There is a fine line between “Thy Kingdom come” and My kingdom come.” And if you cross that line, it’s the beginning of the end. Samuel tells Saul that God is taking the kingdom away.

Can I offer a simple reminder? We are who we are by the grace of God. We do what we do for the glory of God.

Keep building altars to God.


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