Remember the time when…

billie jean performance-small

Remember the time when Billie Jean was like “I want you back.  Wanna be startin’ somethin’?”  That was bad news (I would have told her “Leave me alone” right away).  Remember how you told her to beat it because she was so dangerous (she’s out of your life now) and then you taught America some of those crazy dance moves?  Yeah, me too.  What a thriller that was.  I mean, you really don’t stop till you get enough.  You know how to shake your body down to the ground, like a smooth criminal walking across the floor.  Then there was the time a bunch of people needed to learn their ABCs and 123s and you and your brothers were like “I’ll be there.”  We also learned about colors like black or white and everything in between as well as who’s loving you.  Then there was that time you got people to rock with you and all they could do was scream and say say sayThe way you make me feel… I just can’t stop loving you…”  Ah, human nature.  The man in the mirror is gone now but we know what a dancing machine you were.

Thanks for the music and entertainment, Michael.

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