After a Prolonged Absence…

I am back.  Between school being out, preparations for various vacations, being in the middle of trips, and lots of busyness in between, it’s been a crazy month!

The beginning of July I was doing a lot of cleaning, taking care of things around the apartment, etc.  Then around the 10th my parents arrived in town for a few days and I got to hang out with them here in Charlotte before they headed up to the mountains.  I also got to go with them to a supper at the church my dad used to pastor.  Awkward you might think…  It really wasn’t.  Those people at Shiloh really are amazing and still love my family as if we all were still down here.  I also got kicked back to elementary school chorus memories when they started talking about the stories of Uncle Remus that Solon (a man in the church who has been a friend of my parents for a while) used to read and tell to myself and my sisters when I was little.  I remember singing something about Uncle Remus in a song when I was in elementary school.  Crazy.

Middle July I had several church meetings that were just phenomenal.  It’s an honor to be a part of the volunteer force at Elevation and to be given the opportunity to have Larry B. speak to us about leadership development.  After those meetings over several days, I headed up the mountains to hang out with my family there.  It was GREAT to be there with them.  We spent one day over near Bryson City on the Great Smoky Railroad which was pretty neat.  The rest of the time there included the usual: many awesome conversations filled with humor and light hearted sarcasm, everyone buying and reading lots of books (I think my dad read like 6 or 7 books…  I also learned my mother took a speed reading class in high school.  Big surprise, she reads fast too!  haha.), iTunes music wars wth my dad, varous “explores” around the mountains (FYI, an explore is when you just drive around with no destination in mind and take the “off the beaten path” roads), trips to the grocery store for food to make some great dinners, walks around King Street and downtown Blowing Rock, etc.  Love it.

And now here we are and it is already the end of July!  It’s flown by so fast, likely due to how busy it’s been and the fact that 3 almost 4 weeks of my summer have thus far included vacation or having family visiting down here.  That’s the best kind of “busy” though.  You are relaxed but you want to do things and make memories with your family.

Right now I’m getting excited about the cruise we have coming up in August to the Bahamas.  Can’t wait.

Final thought for right now…  We are in the third week of the Cow-Tipping series at church that deals with talking about things the church doesn’t usually discuss.  Today we got to hear from Pastor J.D. Greear of The Summit Church in the Raleigh-Durham area.  He’s an impressive guy who really knows how to speak plainly but also use some great theology and history in his sermons.  He spoke on the question many non-Christians have as well as some Christians – How can God send someone to hell when they haven’t even heard about Jesus? It was really interesting.  He took Acts 4 and broke down 6 objections many have to the fact that we say there is only one way to Christ.  I highly recommend watching it on the Elevation website when they get it up on Monday or Tuesday.  It’s very interesting how he uses the historical and biblical setting to help shut down these claims culture has about our beliefs.  Some of my favorite things he shared were the fact that though the Apostles were asked to stop spreading the name of Jesus, they told the people, “We can’t help but speak of what we have seen and heard.”  That was significant considering Jesus walked out of the grave and was resurrected.  As J.D. said, “Always go with the guy who gets out of the grave.”

There are a lot of other things he shared that I could write about, but I’m still thinking through them.  Perhaps I’ll share more from my notes tomorrow…

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