I found out last week that the staff at church would be doing something they are calling “B90X”, a take off from P90X (or whatever that thing is called…).  Essentially, the entire staff would be reading the entire Bible in 90 days.  Get it? B – 90 – X!

Sunday at church, the children’s director invited some of the lead volunteers in eKidz to join the church staff and gave us each a Bible (complete with a “B90X” stamp on the front) and the reading schedule they are using.  I felt humbled and honored that they would seek to include us.  I now have seen via twitter that Pastor Steven (@stevenfurtick) has put the challenge out there to the rest of the church and anyone else on twitter.  He even included a link to the reading schedule so that people could follow it.  It’s amazing and intense!  Whole Bible…read before my 26th birthday.

I started reading yesterday and have a few thoughts and insights to share.  Sure, lots of these stories have been spoken about before, I’ve read them, heard them in Sunday school, etc.  For some reason, this go-round, different things are popping out at me and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  Plus, since they gave me a Bible specifically for this, I’m marking it up like crazy.  I’m going to try to put a link to the reading schedule at the bottom.

B90X Insights

  • A huge theme throughout what we’ve read so far (Genesis 1-28:19) is God’s grace and mercy.  It reaches so far we can’t even fathom it.  How He loves us.
  • Cain – despite the fact that he killed his brother, God still cared about him.  Cain thought he deserved death and instead the Lord spoke to him and said those who sought to kill him would suffer seven times over.  Incredible.
  • Abram – It was interesting to me to note that as Abram left the land of his father and wandered for a while that each time he stopped, he built an altar to the Lord.  Similar to the 12 stones, these reminded me of how we must remember where we have come from.
  • Sarah – The Lord visited Abram and Sarah to tell them they would have a child…even in old age.  Sarah laughed and it was intriguing to me how the Lord responded.  Flat out serious asking, “Why did Sarah laugh?  Is anything to hard for the Lord?”  Great way to set someone straight.  I love it.  It also reminded me of the song “Healer” – “Nothing is impossible for you, nothing is impossible for you, nothing is impossible for you, you hold my world in your hands”.
  • Sodom,  Gomorrah and Abraham – As Abraham’s nephew, Lot, was in Sodom, it was interesting to read the back and forth between him and the Lord.  Abraham pleaded for the Lord to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if he found 50 righteous men among the wicked.  The Lord said if he found 50 He would not destroy the city.  Abraham continued questioning the Lord’s intent, dwindling the numbers down from 50 to 45 to 40 to 30 to 20 and finally to 10.  Each time the Lord’s answer remained the same, “For the sake of 10, I will not destroy it.”  It’s funny how Abraham’s faith came into question here, wondering how far he could push the Lord into discovering His true intent.  Even today we wonder how far we can push it.  God was so patient with Abraham’s incessant questioning when from the start, He’d given him a clear answer.  How patient He is with us and how much He must love us to not do the same amongst us today.
  • Lot – Again, seriously, how can people wonder if the Lord is providing for them or not?  The angels were with Lot overnight before they were set to destroy the cities and in the morning when they saw he was hesitant to go, they escorted him and his family outside the city.  Even when we’re stubborn and hesitant, even when we’re right on the edge of trouble, He will still lead us out.
  • Laban, Rebekah’s brother – Nice to see even back then the big brother was looking out for the sister.  Just sayin’.
  • Jacob and Esau – Ah.  Boys will be boys.  Food comes before everything else.  haha.

Anyway.  Loving this so far.  Apparently they got the general idea for this through the website biblein90days.org where they call it “B90”.  I like the “B90X” because it brings out the challenge in doing this, the exercise of a spiritual discipline, etc.  Plus it’s just a fun name for it.

Here is the link for the reading schedule.  It should automatically come up as a pdf download.  I think my favorite part of the actual reading schedule from a creative standpoint is at the very bottom in the lower right hand corner.  The Elevation symbol (^) Dharma style.

Photo 58


2 thoughts on “B90X

  1. dennarr says:

    I was just doing a search on “bible in 90 days” and stumbled on your post.

    Our church has been doing the program this summer (we’re on day 74 today) and I have been blogging each day on the reading. It has been a challenge, but worth the effort (and late nights trying to stay on track).

    GO FOR IT!

  2. Hi, I was told about the B90X program from a co-worker. I’ve been looking for a B90X bible and reading schedule but I have been unable to locate one. I noticed you have a picture of what appears to be what I’m looking for. Can you plz email me where I can find one of those. I’m going to buy some to give to my friends for gifts and hopefully some reading pardners. On your email leave a title like B90X so I will recognise you. I have a super spam blocker and that will give me a way to identify you .

    Many Thanks and God Bless


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