The last few days people have been asking how the first week of school has gone and honestly, I haven’t got anything on the negative side to say…except for maybe the whole having to get up at 5am thing.

I’ve spent this past week feeling so thankful and really EXCITED about the possibility this year holds.  Things have been so positive so far and it’s been great.  I know many factors play into the whole positive atmosphere right now – a new school year, so many people being thankful they have a job, shifts in grade levels (something new to learn), a great new assistant principal, and understanding and support among the staff with all the changes this year in scheduling and other various aspects of school life.

To be honest, last year I was ending the year in a rut.  The first half of the 2008-2009 school year was great.  The second half of the school year, so many things and situations that were out of my hands popped up unexpectedly.  I tried to meet them head on and gave it my all…but it really wore me out handling the job of two people by myself while basically coaching someone else on how to try to teach Spanish.  I was at the point where I was trying to decide if I wanted to stay where I was or if I needed a serious change of pace.  I wasn’t really happy with what was going on with lessons, but not for lack of doing what I could given all of the extenuating circumstances.  I was ready for the school year to be over.

For most of the summer, I did nothing remotely related to school and that was probably the best thing I could have done for myself.  When workdays rolled around, I wasn’t jumping up and down with excitement, but I was glad to get back into a routine.  There were so many things that were up in the air even at workdays that I wasn’t sure how the school year was going to start.

Well, they’ve started well.  While there are many changes with teachers switching grade levels (and the grade levels we have now – wow, phenomenal), additions to schedules, new technology expectations (and a good way to save paper!), the addition of a new assistant principal, etc…everyone is beginning this year ready for the challenges ahead, supportive and understanding, and thankful to be where they are with the job that they have been given.  There’s something else I can’t quite pinpoint, but the atmosphere at school has just been so positive.  I’m excited and I’ve changed some things up in my routine, added some things to my classroom management and added in some fun stuff for the kids for us to do everyday.

I’m excited.  I’m so glad I’m able to say that after a hard second half of last year.

Also exciting:

  • Studying for the GRE…even though I’m not sure what I want my master’s in yet.  I figure it will become more clear to me after I take the GRE.
  • Being part of the Globalization team at school and getting to go to the WorldView Symposium in October with 3 other teachers.
  • My moodle page –
  • B90X
  • Fall weather is coming…sometime.
  • Elevation’s new Matthews campus

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