Friday 5 and 9/11

We’ll start with the solemn and then end with the humor of children.  They provide such laughter…

8 years ago today I was a senior in theatre class when a girl came in and mentioned something about a plane and a building.  Nothing was said about where it was, so we all just thought it was a tragic accident or something that happened on a movie set.  I went to lunch and this was all everyone was talking about.  By the time I got to my psychology class we saw the news and saw what actually happened.  TVs were on in all classrooms.  When I got to AP English at the end of the day, Dr. Taylor decided the tv needed to finally be shut off – that we didn’t need to keep watching everything over and over.  So for those 50 minutes…we sat there, with the lights off, quiet and just reflecting.  I remember our principal coming over the PA system once or twice to calm fears and for students with parents who may have been in NY or DC to come to the office to make phone calls so that they didn’t have to keep wondering about their family.

One thing I really remember about that time was my prayer life heating up but I also recall how much we began to pay attention and really SEE EACH OTHER.  People saying hello and holding doors where once before they would have bumped into another person and said nothing.  Our humanity was never more apparent and that was something we really needed as a country because we were spinning out of control with out materialism, we were becoming money making robots, and we forgot the faith of our founding fathers.  8 years later…in some ways we are better off, but I have to wonder if we’re creeping back in the other direction…  Once again forgetting our priorities, becoming robots again, letting our faith fall to the side, becoming complacent again.  And honestly, I can’t say I see the current administration helping this situation – ready to openly talk with North Korea all of a sudden, it’s not terrorist it’s “criminal”, and so on and so forth..  The great thing, however, is that God is always has been, is and always will be in control.

Also good to know that there ARE people out there who remember well what happened and are changed and doing something about it.  I had the news on for a second and they were talking to a guy who lost his father.  They were standing at ground zero and he called it “ground hero” in passing.  At first I thought he mis-spoke and then a minute later I realized that wasn’t a slip of the tongue…he did mean to say it that way.  If you ask me, that’s a much better term and less depressing.  In spite of the lives lost, over 3000 were saved at the cost of losing 30+ firemen and policemen.

Friday 5: 5 Greatest Things I’ve Heard at School (from kids)

1. “Ms. Gallagher, this is my new girlfriend!” – said by a 1st grader as he put his arm around a girl in his class.  Her response?  “______, you’re embarrassing me!”

2. To understand what’s going to go here, I have to first tell you that each week I’ve been putting a trivia question outside my door that has to do with something in Spanish speaking countries.  The question is usually in English and the kids can respond at any time during the week and use books, computers, and ask people to help them with the answer.  Well, this particular week the question was “In what country did the guitar originate?”  I had a third grade class leaving and several of them were writing down their answers.  One little boy put his answer in and then whispered to me, “I know the answer – it’s Alabama.”  I asked him if he was sure and he replied, “No…wait…it’s really Tennessee, I meant to put Tennessee.”  That cracked me AND his teacher up.

3. A week or so ago I was doing an activity with some second graders where we were discussing the difference between “nino” (boy) and “nina” (girl).  I asked each of them whether they were a “nino” or “nina” and we were graphing boys vs. girls so that we could then count them up.  I think in this particular class there were an even number of boys and girls so I decided to have some fun and added myself to the girls side so that there were more girls than boys.  They thought that was amusing.  Fast forward to dismissal…  I’m in the hallway and that second grade class is walking to the buses.  A girl in that class whispers to me as she walks by, “Thanks for making the girls win!”  Again…laughter.  It’s wonderful to know that what she truly remembered from my class that day was that THE GIRLS WON.  haha.

4. “I will do whatever you want, whenever you want.” – first grade girl who is very talkative and wants to be the teacher’s pet.  hahaha.

5. I was doing an activity with 5th grade asking them their name in Spanish – Como te llamas tu?  Me llamo _________.  After that they drew themselves and wrote “Me llamo ___________.”  What did one boy write partially to be funny, partially writing what he heard (I had the sentence written on the board for them): “Me almond _________.”  Now, if you say “Me llamo” fast enough, it can sound like “Me almond…”  ha.

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