Life…is a musical

Last night at a meeting I was in with several other Quest volunteers, I decided that our icebreaker would be sharing what we would like our super power to be…if we had one. One of them, a music teacher, shared that she’d love to have the power to make people break out into song thus making life…a musical. I like that idea quite a bit. The great thing is that this is a reality. This is the greatest video ever. I wish life were more like this….  So many more smiling faces.

The first guy’s dance moves are hilarious and watching people constantly run in and join is entertaining.  And when you think it doesn’t get any more awesome, techno Julie Andrews comes in and we see them doing the macarena and many other hilarious dance moves.  Then they all go on their merry way.

Further proof that life CAN be like a musical…

Love it.


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