You Always Reap What You Sow

The last couple of weeks have been busy and brutal, both in a good way and at times, in the worst possible way.

In the last 3 months I can think of 4 people who have been relatively significant in my life who have passed away.  If you want to consider impact on me and those around me though I may not have known one person well, that number could be raised to 5.  In November, a wonderful woman named Kori with 3 girls was killed in a car accident.  In December a woman with great spiritual strength in the church my dad pastors passed away.  In January the husband of my third grade teacher died.  He and his wife attended the church we were at when we lived in Maine.  If I remember right, he was also my Sunday School teacher while I was in elementary school at some point.  This past week another big hit came when I found out that Holly Sue Dobson had passed away.  I have significant memories of her.  Memories from Camp Nomacca when she directed and I was a camper and times when I was a counselor, memories of singing with her when she was an advisor for the Northern Lights Youth Choir, NLYC Spring tours, singing on Sunday mornings, late nights at camp when she’s come by after lights out to sing outside the cabins to the campers…  She had a great voice and boy, did she have her song.  WOW, could she sing “On My Own” from Les Miserables.  She even had her own little version with the line “I love Tim…”  And who Tim was, or wasn’t…remains a mystery.  Part of the hilarity that was Holly Sue.  Such a phenomenal person with such great gifts.

All of this has a point.  Today at church Pastor Steven was talking about in Galatians when Paul tells the people that they will reap what they sow.  Later on he says not to grow tired or weary, but to keep serving.  Connecting this with all that has gone on the last couple of months with the passing of many great individuals is obvious…at least it seems so to me.  Each of them had sown seeds in their life and they may never get to see what is reaped from their crop until the Lord returns.  From my perspective, thinking of the life they each lived and those they have impacted (and could still impact), they are still sowing seeds.

In the eKidz lead team we are also talking about preparing for the future, digging in to make what we do now ready for what is to come.  We “run a good ship” right now, but we have a new campus that will be opening at the end of the year.  The challenge has been put down for us to take steps now to pursue a higher standard of excellence in what we do so that we don’t become content with where we are.  For me, that’s means that I want to be in more conversation and dialogue with the volunteers I work with about what we are currently doing and what we could do better.  I want to cast a vision to them where we see where we are and because of what we know we can do, we want to improve it, to set a standard of excellence for our future campuses to model.  This is a discontent that comes from God as we work to improve ourselves and the children’s ministry because lives and families are at stake.  I am blessed to say that I feel that there are seeds being sown into the lives of kids, families and volunteers in eKidz and I know there is more to come.

Taking all of these things into consideration, I’ve thought about reaping and sowing in many areas of my life – church, home and school.  Where do I need to step it up?  What else can I do?  As Pastor Steven stated…

  • You ALWAYS reap what you sow.
  • You ALWAYS reap MORE than you sow.
  • You ALWAYS reap LATER.

It’s a great message.  You should catch it on later.

Kind of a big ball of random thoughts going in my head that I tried to put into some order…  If it makes sense, great.  If it doesn’t, I don’t care – I had to get it out, think it out.


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