The Thing About Ice…

Well, considering how cold it got for a few days in October then the insane cold in December and early January, I knew we would be in for it this winter here in NC.  This past weekend there was a “storm”.  Having lived in New England, I knew it wouldn’t be a thing like the snows we would get there, but the issue here would be people not knowing how to drive in this weather and ice is more of a problem than anything else.  And…who likes ice?  No matter if you’ve lived in an area where it snows a lot or you think you know how to expertly drive in it, ice is a whole other ballgame.

So, we got an itsy bitsy bit of snow and a bunch of ice.  They are calling for freezing rain tomorrow morning and another wintry mix this coming weekend.  We already have a snow/ice day today because yesterday things melted a bit, but refroze due to temperatures in the teens.  It should melt a good bit away today though.  We’ve now lost the February 19 workday and I’m hoping this coming weekend won’t take the March workday from us.  I can handle delays or early releases a few times though!

This is what I saw when I was leaving Harris Teeter Friday coming home.  I’d stopped in to get a few things and pick up a couple movies from the Red Box since I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere Saturday with all the ice.  You would have thought the end of the world was coming with all the cars there!  The snow was coming down at a good pace then.

I wish I’d thought to take a picture of the 2 inches of solid, packed ice and snow that covered the whole parking area here at the apartment.  I’d gone out to wipe off my windshield and back windows to make getting going for church Sunday morning a bit easier.  It was insane.  I didn’t know if I’d get out Sunday morning because I’m in the back of the complex and all of the ice.  Took me a half an hour to scrape my driver’s side window and I finally did get out.  Parking at the lot at Providence High for church was hilarious.  You couldn’t see a thing, so we all just did the best we could and that was fine.  Coming out after things had melted a bit, it was humorous seeing where the lines actually were and where cars had ended up.

And so…we have a snow/ice day.  This is a later in the day version of the ice that covers the parking lot here.  Frozen mess.

I do like snow…  My favorite things about it…

  • Watching it fall from inside – always a pretty sight.
  • Having a white Christmas.  When I was younger and we lived in Maine I wouldn’t let my family open the window shades on Christmas morning unless there was snow on the ground.  Who wants to look at a brown Christmas?
  • Building forts – ’twas much fun in elementary school.
  • Taking pictures of the scenery.
  • Snow means winter means football means Patriots.  I love my logic.  The end.

And here is the barbecue chicken alfredo pizza I made a few weeks ago.  Yum.


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