Nothin’ But Net…Back in the Game

So earlier this year I was considering a “digital cleanse in 2010”.  Specifically for twitter.  I felt like and still feel like to a certain extent it’s made our culture very self-absorbed and self-centered.  Some of it is truly absurd.  Still wrapping my mind around it.

That being said, I have been working on a survey for volunteers in the area I serve in at church to learn how we can better serve them.  One thing I have noticed lately in all areas (personal, professional, extra-curricular, etc.) is that once upon a time…email was the coolest thing ever and everyone always responded and there was such a thing as email etiquette.  I’ve noticed for a while that these days, people may have an email account, but that doesn’t mean they read their email, check it, or open emails that are sent to them.  In many of areas of our lives, we’ve become very dependent on email to get our important messages across, counting on people to respond.  Well, the fact of the matter is, people have different lives, different priorities, and different ways of communication which are better and more efficient for them.  How do we deal with this?  Learn what works for them and go with it.

How is this impacting my “digital cleanse of 2010”?  Well, after a 3 month “twitter fast”, I’m getting back in the game, but with more of a purpose and some goals.  A lot of folks at my church and volunteers I serve with use Twitter and Facebook among other social networking tools.  With that in mind, my return to Twitter has more to do with being able to support, encourage, praise, share, and interact with those people considering the role I am in.  My aim is to be able to focus on those things via Twitter in lieu of being absorbed with sharing the minute by minute details of my day.

So there it is…  I’m back.


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