Let’s Get One Thing Straight…

Just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mom.  Last night I went to church and Pastor Steven shared about a clip from the Cosby show where Vanessa was talking about how her friends made fun of her because she was rich.  She told this to her parents and her father Cliff Huxtable (aka the inimitable Bill Cosby) straightened her out with a few words of wisdom.  You’ll have to go to about 4:00 to get to that conversation.  Tried to find that specific convo by itself, but I couldn’t embed it.

“Let’s get one thing straight, ok?  Your mother and I are rich.  You have nothing…” (laughter ensues)

Well, I could say the same thing.  You don’t have to be rich in the material things, but I know for myself and my sisters, it’s because of our parents that we are who we are today.  They taught us a lot along the way as we grew up and we’re still learning from them (whether they realize it or not).  They were rich in sharing with us and teaching us what it meant to be a good person and to be a follower of Christ.  They knew they were in the position as parents to teach and train us up in the Lord.  The quote by Cliff Huxtable applies just as well with Christ – HE is rich and we are nothing without Him.  He bestows His blessings upon us because He loves us.  He made our parents rich in wisdom and in truth which they passed to us the Bible says to train up a child in the way they should go.

So…  Happy Mother’s day, Mom.  And while I’m at it since the above worked so well, Happy Father’s day, Dad!


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