Friday 5: Books and Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.   Or any “real” post for that matter.  I’ll tell ya: Living life keeps one quite busy.  Preaching to the choir, right?!

Friday 5: Books and Reading

1) What’s your favorite magazine? Hands down it’s RELEVANT.  Since the first issue in 2003 (I think).
2) What book are you currently reading? All Other Nights by Dara Horn and Eleven by Len Sweet
3) What’s the worst book you ever read? Tie: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka or No Exit by Jean-Paul Sarte.  Both for AP English (best class I ever had in high school) while covering existentialism.  Who needs to read a book about a man as a cockroach as a metaphor for life being meaningless?  Talk about depressing.  And about No Exit: a trio discussing life…in the afterlife?  Also depressing.
4) What makes a book perfect for you? If the words on the page can paint a picture with even the minute details coming to life for me – THAT is a great book. Had that happen recently with Breakfast at Tiffany’s (not the Audrey Hepburn movie) but by James Patterson.
5) If you could buy any book right now, which one would it be? One that grabs my imagination.  Hard to consider any ONE title.  All books = one I would want to buy.  Unless it’s about existentialism, that is.  🙂


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