It’s All Over

It was quite a polarizing show, that crazy thing they called LOST.  I got caught up in it mid-way through season 4.  What a phenomenal, mind-bending, well written and well acted piece it was.  Tons of great characters – one of whom I gave his own little post a while ago (one of my favorite characters on the show).

I won’t talk too much of it now (mostly because my DAD needs to catch up from season 5), but the finale was as epic as I’d hoped and for all the speculation in the world, it ended on a slightly different note than could have been imagined.  On the one hand, I was hoping I wouldn’t be completely let down by one train of thought I had.  Without revealing anything, what I’d pictured was a teeny tiny part of in the grand scheme of things.  On the other hand, it did what I’d hoped – it turned onto a completely different path.  That’s something the show and the writers have tended to do well.  In the end, I was confused slightly as the credits rolled and felt somewhat let down, but now that I’ve had a chance to ponder and consider “What does it all mean?” a little longer as well as converse with some people…  It’s actually quite a satisfying end. And…  I’ll have to expound upon it more.  Later.  Since DAD still has to catch up.  🙂

Plus, the finale included this scene – quite possibly one of the best ever on television.

I know it’s only 9 seconds, but hey…don’t want to spoil anything.  🙂  But the rest of it is awesome too.

Thank you, LOST, for being awesome and giving us one crazy storyline that pulled us all in and made us think and laugh.  And…well, I’ll just have to share the rest later, like I said.


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