Glee…Basically Awesome

So anyone who knows me would understand why I would find Glee to be pretty much amazing.  It has 2 awesome ingredients.  1 part musical + 1 part Spanish teacher = an epic tv show.  It’s a dream come true – life as a musical.  I mean really…  What could be better?

I really enjoyed the first season.  One episode constantly stands out to me.  It’s called “Home”.  Each song they did in the episode seemed to top the previous one just when I thought it wasn’t possible.  It reminded me of precisely why I love musicals and theatre – bringing together emotions and helping tell a story.  It was so good I got chills with some of the songs. For example, they gave Chris Colfer “A House is Not a Home” which is interesting for a guy, but hearing his voice with the song – WOW.  Then again they had him doing “Defying Gravity” in an earlier episode so…

Well, something equally as awesome came along just a few minutes later.  A lot of the actors had previously done musical theatre or been on Broadway.  The actor who plays Mr. Schuester (the Spanish teacher who heads up Glee) was in Hairspray among other things.  They also had Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth from Wicked! on the show.  Kristin Chenoweth was in this episode and she sang “One Less Bell to Answer/A House is Not a Home” with Matthew Morrison (Schuester) and IT. IS. INCREDIBLE.  I could put it on repeat over and over and over.  It just sounds amazing.  The video sequence from the episode was good to – relating the song back to the story.  (The sound is off a bit with the video).

And then of course at the end Kristin Chenoweth belted out “Home”.


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