Give Me Faith

Back in July we had an amazing night of worship at church.  They recently posted a video from that night on youtube of Give Me Faith.  I remember singing this song.  It was powerful.  It’s powerful every single time we sing it.  Watching the video gives me chills.  It is a blessing to attend a church where we have such talented, humble worship leaders who have their whole heart there and in the moment as the Lord leads.  What a song too.

Here’s a video of one of my other favorites, The Church.

More fun at

Bonus: To coincide with Sun Stand Still being released, they worked with a local artist and made this video.  It’s just awesome.  Reminds me of the one from Easter last year.

Much more at including videos that prove they have a hard time holding it together while making videos(I Got the Giggles and other fun outtakes.  hahaha).  Also proof they enjoy working together – always a good thing.

Another post is coming soon.  What a crazy couple of weeks it has been.

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