September and October – A Review

So how about September and October already passing us by?  Before long November will be gone.  It’s absolutely crazy how packed October and November are (will be…).  My calendar…full days all month!

I never really posted much about September and one of the greatest months of the year, October.  However, it is still October, so on with the homage to these months.  Mostly a visual review…

But first a quick rewind of something that surprised me and humbled me around the end of August…  eTeam Member of the Month for August.  Woo.

September was full of awesome.  First and foremost, my dad‘s birthday was in September. So that automatically makes the month great.

Kingdom Come came out from Elevation Worship.  ‘Twas fantastic.  Landed on the top of the Christian charts on iTunes AND on the overall charts for all songs!!  Check it out.

Overall – Reach #16 (beat Eminem!!!  Woo!!)

That was fantastic.

Then came the release of Pastor Steven‘s book, Sun Stand Still.  It was just amazing.  He released the book to the church early over the weekend for $10 – less than the selling price and all the money from the sales went back to the church, not to him.  That’s generosity.  You can get the book on Amazon by clicking here.

The day the book came out, Pastor Steven did something incredibly audacious and requiring massive faith.  He preached for 24 hours straight.  Streamed it live online and it was incredible.  I watched as much as I could.  It was just amazing to see God fill him up when he should have been depleted of energy and strength of word and mind.  Here’s a picture from my desktop at the time.  Bonus: a tweet of mine made it in that picture unbeknownst to me.

Eventually, Sun Stand Still cracked the Amazon book charts.  It got to #1 in Christian Living.

And it got to #28 in overall best sellers.

September also held meetings about the upcoming Elevation Blakeney campus and “re-launch” of the Providence campus (where I will be staying).  Lots of awesome stuff last month.

October has flown by.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of conferences and lots and lots and lots and lots of interpreting.  That’s been much of what this month has held.  It’s also included various fun times with friends, helping out at the Blakeney Boo Bash near where the Blakeney campus will be located, Fit for Life day at school, the loss of an amazing co-worker to another school district (that’s for another post – it was hard saying goodbye!!!), the birthdays of many awesome individuals, the anniversary of one awesome couple, lots of meetings and some pretty odd weather.  Currently under a tornado watch.  We’re so going to pay for it being as warm as it has been the last couple of days…

Oh and then there was that amazing story from Chile with the miners.  Just wow.  Spent a week with the kids on that.  Talk about teachable moments.  Hit me hard not just as someone watching everything happen, but even moreso with what I teach.  I’m not soon going to forget it.  Watch this video.  It’s amazing.  This one is also very, very good.  I used both with the kids at school.


What lies ahead?  In just 4 days, my 27th birthday.  Crazy crazy.  Have a Halloween/fall party with friends tomorrow night, possibly some fun things planned for Friday, a great day on Sunday including dinner with my Aunt, Unionville BBQ next week, more meetings, various travel plans next month, the Southern Christmas Show (so excited), starting up OM (maybe?), Grandparent’s day at school, BBQ prize day, Thanksgiving, the Blakeney campus opening…  Then there’s December…

Have I missed anything??  🙂  It’s the most wonderful time of the year…also the busiest.  But, I love it and part of what makes it enjoyable amidst the chaos is the music.  And you can bet your last dollar…I’m starting up the Christmas music sometime this weekend.  My birthday comes…it’s on.


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