Snowpocalypse 2011 Gives Way to Icepocalypse 2011

Wow.  So including tomorrow we will have had 4 unexpected days off from school.  Crazy.  It’s the ice that’s a bigger issue down here since we’ve had sleet and freezing rain on top of snow melting.  I’m ready to be doing something back in school though!

It’s funny though how we tend to appreciate the unexpected more as opposed to when we know something is coming.  That’s how I’ve felt about the last couple days at least.  Monday wasn’t entirely surprising nor Tuesday but today and tomorrow are.  Monday was nice.  This unexpected time off was just the push I needed to motivate me to think more about my goals for this year.  I was really able to think through things I want to do and accomplish.  I was able to sit and enjoy my coffee with the news in the morning.  I got to make chocolate chip pancakes.  I could sleep in a bit.  I got to enjoy having no pressure of having to be somewhere or having something done by a certain time.  It was nice.  Relaxing.  I appreciated it.

I was saying to myself over the weekend that I didn’t want to have any snow days because I knew they’d take our workdays and I recall a couple years ago where it got pretty tense in the days that led up to Spring break.  I was reminded, however, though a song we sang that “He makes all things work together for my good”.  That’s indeed been the case and I know while we will have lost a couple of workdays in the coming months, that line will hold true then as well.

Let’s just hope we don’t have another storm that impacts us during the WEEK.  Friday afternoon/weekend I will take.  Delays I will take.  Just no more storms that require snow days. 🙂  I’ll be sharing some of my goals for 2011 on here soon enough…


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