2011 Goals

I was reading the blogs of several friends late in December and earlier this month and I really got thinking about my goals for the upcoming year.  Now here we are almost at the end of January 2011.

This month included 4 unexpected snow days off from school.  While we are having to make them up, I wouldn’t trade those days for anything.  It always seems you appreciate the unexpected days off more than the ones you plan for because you tend to fill them up!  I was so blessed by those few days off with no plans and nowhere to be.  I got to sleep in, sit and have coffee in the morning in my pjs, watch the snow fall and it gave me the perfect and quiet opportunity to seriously think through and consider my goals for 2011.

I’m not one to make “new year’s resolutions”.  Goals…I can handle those.  I’m one of those people who love to make lists, have an up to date calendar and send email reminders to myself.  I like crossing things off the list too.  I stumbled across someone’s blog (can’t remember who), but they had their goals for 2011 listed in several categories and I liked the way it set them up and targeted specific areas of your life.  I decided to take the idea and hence I have goals for 2011 in the areas of: career, finance, character, spiritual, family, friends, ministry, personal, recreational and health.  Yeah, that’s a lot of different areas, but it really forced me to think about the different areas of my life where I could do even just one percent better this year.

When I wrote down different goals in these different areas, some of them are concrete and some are simply there so I will know I will have looked into them (not that I HAVE to do them – but for awareness and for the future).  With that in mind, seeing that I have 41 (quite possibly 43) goals for 2011 written down isn’t that ridiculous to me. And keeping in mind that I am a person who is detail oriented, some of these goals are broken down so that they are a couple separate goals.  I am also planning on prioritizing these goals and sometimes setting a target date to have them completed (some of them by the end of this month, in fact).

I’ll share a couple of my goals from different areas soon.  At this moment though, sleep is calling my name.


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