MJ References This Past Week

I had two separate yet equally entertaining moments this week where Michael Jackson suddenly became part of the conversation with kids.  One happened at school and the other at church this morning and I had to share.  He’s clearly transcending generations.  haha.

At school I’m doing a food unit with most grade levels and one of the foods we were talking about is “jamon” (pronounced ha-mown) meaning “ham”.  I introduced it to the kids and reminded them that it wasn’t JAM-ON because the “j” in Spanish sounds like an “h” when it is a word (such as rojo – red – row-hoe).  I had written the word down and then pronounced it for them to hear and right after that I had a 5th grader raise their hand and say “Oh!  Ok.  I thought it was like that thing Michael Jackson used to say.  You know, that ‘jamone’ thing he did?”

I laughed.  A lot.  When I moved on I added in for them “And now you can pretend that Michael Jackson was always saying ‘ham’ in Spanish when he said that in a song.”  They laughed.

Today at church I was waiting with a few kids for them to be picked up .  One boy was sitting on the steps minding his own business when a few minutes later I started hearing him say “I’m bad, I’m bad…” in a kind of sing-song voice.  At first I thought he was just being silly because what 5 year old really knows Michael Jackson’s song “Bad”?  It was entertaining.  I finally asked him, “What are you singing?  Do you know that song?”  He didn’t say anything for a minute and kept up with the “I’m bad…” bit.  So I said, “Is that a Michael Jackson song?”  He looked up at me and said, “Yeah.  Yeah I think so.”

I smiled again.  Too funny.  And knowing this kid’s parent, it wouldn’t surprise me if he knew the song because of a hip hop dance class or something.  They’re an awesome family.

Kids make me laugh.  So much.


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