2011 Goals – Career & Ministry

So I have ten different areas I made goals in and I figured I’d go through each area and share one or two goals I have for this year with you.  Like I said in a previous post, I have about 43 goals for 2011 altogether, but some are broken down into “steps” (finish one goal in order to accomplish the next) and others are simply things for me to look into and have knowledge of for the future.

So here are today’s two areas:

Career & Ministry


1. Take PRAXIS II: Middle School Language Arts before school is out.

I always loved my English, Language Arts and Reading classes when I was in middle school and high school.  Learning a second language helped me understand my first language a lot better too (I now actually know what the future conditional is and what a past participle is.  Do you?).  I also enjoyed my middle school experience while doing student teaching.  Not knowing what might happen next year with my job (still assuming it will be there for the time being) is part of the reason I am going to take the exam.  The other is simply for the fact that should I ever get tired of teaching Spanish, I could go start teaching middle school language arts.  The great thing about NC is that I don’t have to go back to school to get the certification.  I already hold a teaching license and have teaching experience.  What I will have to do is take the exam, pass and then send an appeal letter to the state asking them to add this licensure area.

2. All tech links/apps/tools into one document.

I have so many websites, applications, and tools I could use right now that it’s mind boggling to even think of where to start or know what to use or REMEMBER what I wanted to use with something I’m teaching.  I just want to get the bookmarked links I have on my computer in one place along with all the other ones I have in emails and other such places.  It’s crazy how much is out there and how much of it is free.


1. Create survey for Quest volunteers – how are we doing?

I created a quick 10 question survey for our volunteers in Quest at Elevation’s Providence campus last Spring and it was awesome.  It helped give us so much feedback and gave us information we needed to continue to shape systems, procedures, training, policies, etc.  I want to create another survey for our volunteers this Spring because we’ve had some transitions and changes with a new campus, new leaders, new kids, etc.  I want to see if there are any shifts we need to make, new ideas, etc. that our volunteers have to share.

2. Update/expand the eKidz Resource Library and USE IT.

I took on this little project right before school got back in session in August of last year.  The eKidz directors wanted to come up with something they could go to in order to find resources they could pass on to volunteer leaders, small group leaders and other volunteers in eKidz as a way of investing in them, training, etc.  I made a list of books, blogs, blog posts, and articles that I’d read through and the lead team had read through for our meetings and from there uploaded them into Google Docs.  There are a good number of resources in there.  I think I pulled maybe one article to share with volunteers since then and maybe suggested a book to another.  I want to update what is in there with any new articles, books, blogs that the lead team has to share and then use it more for continued growth, training and investment with the volunteers I have the privilege of serving with.

And those are a couple of my goals for right now…  Maybe I’ll do some of the recreational and personal ones tomorrow – they’re pretty fun, epic and one of them would MAKE MY LIFE.


3 thoughts on “2011 Goals – Career & Ministry

  1. Jessi says:

    Love your ministry goal! And the eKidz staff will be able to help you out with more resources- each month each team member is going to come prepared with a blog article to share. I’ll make sure these get into your hands for the library!

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