2011 Goals – Recreational & Personal

I’ve started posting some of my goals for 2011 (just a few of the list of 43!).  Yesterday I wrote about my goals related to career and ministry.  Today I’ve got some fun ones when it comes to personal and recreational goals.

Recreational & Personal


1. Take a trip somewhere outside of NC.

I’ve had a couple places in mind aside from the usual suspects (New Hampshire, Connecticut/Rhode Island, Pennsylvania).  I still haven’t been to Charleston yet in South Carolina and I wouldn’t mind a little weekend trip down to Atlanta.  Not sure where exactly I’ll end up yet, but it’ll be a new experience.

2. Find a new hobby/interest.

I have no clue where I’m going to even start with this but it might be something as simple as finding and using one new recipe a week?  Who knows.  I’m welcome to ideas and suggestions too

3. Make it to at least 3-4 performing arts programs (theatre, concerts, cultural events, etc.).

This should be a piece of cake for me because I LOVE the arts but I intentionally added into my goals so that I remember to take time and make time for the things I really enjoy.  The arts are one of those things!  There are already possibilities on the horizon with Young Frankenstein, The Screwtape Letters, Charlotte POPS doing Rodgers & Hammerstein, and Next to Normal at Blumenthal.  Then there’s Pops in the Park during the summer.  I also know Keith Urban is coming to Charlotte at the end of June. Any takers??


I think this speaks for itself.  It would make my YEAR.  Maybe my LIFE.  Not sure how it will happen, but here’s to remaining optimistic…  Maybe by some miracle they’ll end up playing the Panthers…


1. Purge.

My closet is a bit of a mess right now and I just need to spend a day doing some serious cleaning, throwing out and organizing.  Simple as that.  I have some items I just need to get rid of finally that I don’t use and maybe donate them to Goodwill.

2. Blog more frequently.

I love to write, so this is a great outlet for me.  I have been told I write well.  Another reason to continue and to keep developing my writing skills.  When I started this blog I wrote more frequently but have slacked off in the last year.  Hope to turn that around a bit.

Tomorrow will be fun with finances and health!


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